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General Application Instructions

General Information


Application deadline for the 2016 Awards has been extended to Sunday, January 31, 2016


  • Please note that all applications must be submitted in electronic format.
  • Submit application form and all supporting materials or documents using the online application google form found here:
  • Letters of reference should be sent via a separate google application. Provide your reviewers with this link:
  • All scholarships require a digital copy of an unofficial transcript(s); you will also need to submit an official transcript(s) sent directly from your university(s) to ASPRS headquarters.
    • To submit a digital unofficial transcript:
  1. Scan a copy of a recent transcript or print to PDF your unofficial transcript from your university.
  2. Use google drive, dropbox, or another secure online service to upload your transcript and generate a hyperlink.
  3. Provide that hyperlink in the application box provided marked ‘Please provide a hyperlink to your unofficial transcript.
  • To submit an official transcript
  1. Universities have different systems to request an official transcript sent to a third-party reviewer. Please contact your university’s registrar for assistance.
  2. The official transcript must be received by the application deadline.
  3. Foreign language transcripts or documents must be translated into English by an official translating agency and submitted directly from the translating agency to ASPRS HQ.
  • Some awards ask for copies of published articles or imagery, please use the steps above (“To submit a digital unofficial transcript”) to generate a hyperlink to your documents and/or imagery.
    • If you include a copy of a published article or research sample, it should not exceed five (5) pages; if longer, submit the article in text format or submit an abstract and article highlights.

All Applicants MUST:

Be active or student members of ASPRS for most awards. (Visit the ASPRS website or contact the membership department at the address or phone number below for information about the benefits of ASPRS membership.)

Submit the required number of letters of reference with each application from faculty members who have knowledge of the applicant’s capabilities.

Arrange to have official transcripts, in English, arrive by the deadline.  

All Complete Applications, Including Reference Letters And Transcripts, Must Be Received at ASPRS No Later Than Midnight, Eastern Time on January 31, 2016

Delays In Cyber Space Will Not Be Considered.

Final note:

Most awards call for specific additional information, such as applicant statements, to complete the application. Please read the award descriptions carefully for details. Incomplete applications will be disqualified.

The awards will normally be made annually, as long as sufficient funds are available. If the committee deems there are no applications of sufficient quality to warrant approval, no award will be given that year. Any application that does not comply in its entirety with the terms stated above and/or with the terms of the specific award(s) applied for will be ineligible.

The contact information for ASPRS awards and scholarships is:

ASPRS Scholarship Administrator
5410 Grosvenor Lane, Suite 210
Bethesda, MD 20814
301-493-0290 X-101

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Home Education Awards and Scholarships General Application Instructions