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Data Preservation and Archiving Committee Strategic Plan

Description of Constituency
ASPRS Divisions and any government, private, or academic sector entity that collects and processes spectral and spatial data of Earth resources. Emphasis is placed on level-0 and level-1 collections of analog and digital data, but attention is also given to higher level products derived from these datasets.

Vision Statement
ASPRS believes that future generations will need/want access to historical spatial and spectral data to make temporal comparisons of landscapes for economic, social, scientific, and political applications.

Mission Statement
Create/sponsor a standing committee consisting of members from private, government, and academic entities who are knowledgeable about data preservation and archiving practices and procedures to encourage and assist the committee's constituency in their data preservation and archiving responsibilities. To nurture a sense of responsibility for data preservation and archiving within the Society membership and to organizations represented by the membership.

Niche Statement
The scope of the committee's attention includes all forms of aerial and satellite acquired Earth-oriented photography, digital camera, videography, and sensor data collected in the ultraviolet, VNIR, SWIR, LWIR, and microwave spectral regions. In general, the committee will focus on imaging, as opposed to non-imaging, sensors (though there may be a desire later to form a subcommittee for preservation of non-imaging data). The committee will confine its responsibilities to sensor systems covering the Earth's lands, oceans, and atmospheres. This scope also addresses maps, GIS, and GPS datasets.

Goals and Tactical Actions
Because there is a wide variety of data types and an even wider array of preservation and archiving issues, the committee will function through subcommittees having manageable foci. Initial subcommittees might include: analog data (aerial photography, Astronaut photography, maps, etc.); digital data (spectral image data, GIS, GPS, etc.); Practices and Procedures: Facilities and Holdings; and Outreach.

Below are the tactical actions required to achieve the goals:

  • Define "archive" and data "preservation".
  • Form subcommittees to address a broad scope of data and issues.
  • Develop and maintain strategic plan for this committee.
  • Formulate recommendations in annual report to the board regarding standards and procedures used by archiving facilities.
  • Maintain register/rosters of archiving facilities and archivable holdings to serve over Internet.
  • Organize and conduct technical sessions, forums, and workshops for data preservation and archiving.
  • Establish mechanisms for absorbing new technologies regarding data preservation and archiving; and the potential impact of new technologies on preservation and archiving.
  • Recommend the identification and use of an image metadata standard for describing image data.


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Home Organization Committees Divisions and Committees Committee General Data Preservation and Archiving Committee Strategic Plan