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PDF Membership Application Form

While it will be much more efficient for both the Applicant and the Membership Department for new applicants to use the Online membership application, for those who are not comfortable with that option, please use the PDF Application for Membership.

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Membership Kit Request

If you would like more information regarding membership of ASPRS you can request our membership information kit.
The Membership Kit is free and includes:

Membership application/Member benefits (

  1. Membership brochure
  2. Career Brochure 
  3. Facts Brochure
  4. Certification Information

Please complete all the fields in the form below to request a membership kit.

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Membership Benefits and Savings


To join ASPRS please first log-in above with your ASPRS on-line account or Join Now


PE&RS subscription (includes Special Issues)

$660 Annual Subscription included in your membership

Discounted Professional Certification fees in all Certification categories:
1. Photogrammetrists
2. Mapping Scientists
3. Technologists

For questions regarding the certification procedure, please contact Jesse Winch at or 

$125 Reduced fee on Certification Application

Discounted Registration Fees for ASPRS Conferences

UP to $100 Reduction on Conference Fee

Free PE&RS Classified Advertising on one text ad per year

$75 - 20 Words Free on one text ad per year

Substantial discounts on all ASPRS Publications

$5-$50 Per book



$150 - U.S. Active
$ 100 - U.S. Associate
$ 50 - U.S. Student

Note: All ASPRS members outside of the USA, including Canada and Mexico only receive access to the full digital edition of the journal. Dues for Non-US members is now the same as the U.S. domestic (U.S. based) rate without the added postage surcharge. Dues for all members in Canada include GST.




To join ASPRS, please first log-in above with your ASPRS online account and then Join Now

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Active Membership

An active member shall be a person who is involved in the practice of photogrammetry, remote sensing and/or geographic information systems and related sciences; or by reason of education or profession, is interested in the application or development of these arts and sciences. An Active member has the right to vote and hold office.

Apply for individual ASPRS membership today using our secure on-line application form.

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Associate Membership

An Associate Member shall not yet have reached the age of 35; shall pay dues that are approximately two-thirds of the full member dues; shall be eligible for this membership for a period of no more than five consecutive years; and may not revert to Student Member status. A person is not eligible for Associate Member status if he/she has previously held Member status. Associate Members shall be entitled to the same rights and privileges of the Society as a Member.

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Student Membership

A Student Member shall be working towards a degree at a university or college. Certification of student status (examples may include copies of student identification or current registration, faculty or sponsor signature, etc) is required for each year of student membership. A person is not eligible for student membership if he/she has previously held an Active or Associate Member status. Student members do not vote or hold office until they advance to Associate Membership.

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Corporate/Sustaining Membership

Sustaining Member Application Form (Adobe Acrobat PDF)

Member Dues

Parent Company without subsidiaries

* $1485 for companies with 11+employees
* $745 for companies with 10 or fewer employees

Multiple Sustaining Dues
(12 Months, 12 Issues)

Parent Company + 1 Subsidiary:    $2255
Parent Company + 2 Subsidiaries: $3025
Parent Company + 3 Subsidiaries: $3795
Parent Company + 4 Subsidiaries: $4565
Parent Company + 5 Subsidiaries: $5335

An ASPRS Membership helps you to advance knowledge in the field, provides a means for dissemination of new information, encourages an exchange of ideas and communication. It offers prime exposure for companies taking advantage of its benefits.

Some of those benefits are listed below:

  • Press Releases - ASPRS will publish company press releases on a space available basis in PE&RS at no cost to ASPRS Sustaining Members.
  • Free, searchable listing on the ASPRS web site -- people looking for companies to do business with search this site regularly; monthly listing in PE&RS; and, company description in the Digital Annual Resource Directory.
  • Employment Opportunity Blast Emails directly to the desktops of all ASPRS members -- available to Sustaining Members and academic institutions only, at a reasonable rate.
  • Reduced exhibit booth rates at ASPRS Conferences – up to $500 savings per booth.
  • 50% discount on PE&RS Mailing lists – a savings of $800 for the complete list.
  • Professional Certification fees discounted for designated employees – $125 savings per application.
  • PE&RS annual printed subscription to five designated individuals (in the USA); e-Subscription (Outside of the USA) for companies with 11 or more employees), including one Young Professional individual (must be under the age of 35). All five designated employees have voting rights—total value of more than $3,000; OR three designated individuals (for companies with 10 or less employees), including one Young Professional individual (must be under the age of 35). All three designated employees have voting rights—total value of more than $1,900.
  • ASPRS Conference registration fees reduced for those designated employees.
  • ASPRS Publications discounted by 25% to 40%.
  • Complimentary copy of ASPRS Conference Proceedings – a value of $100-$140.
  • Discounted PE&RS advertising rates — Savings of 15% on display ads.
  • FREE Monthly Online Seminar
  • 20% off of 4 or more Online Webinar registrants
  • Opportunity to demonstrate your company's commitment to your employees by participating in our Sponsored Memberships program (see details below).

Sponsored Memberships

Demonstrate your company’s commitment to your employees’ continuing education and awareness of current issues in geospatial technology by sponsoring your employ¬ees through the ASPRS Sponsored Membership program. Your sponsored employees will receive monthly online access to the complete version of PE&RS, as well as member discounts on ASPRS publications, Certification Application fees, and confer¬ence/webinar registration.

These discounts apply to employees at multiple locations but are subject to single invoicing per Sustaining Member with a list of employees to be sponsored, plus their contact information.

More than 100 employees..........50% off the Active Member dues
50–100 employee........................33% off the Active Member dues
10–49 employees........................25% off the Active Member dues

This offer does not apply to companies with fewer than 10 employees.

Sustaining Member Application Form (Adobe Acrobat PDF)

For further information contact the ASPRS Membership Department at:

5410 Grosvenor Lane, Suite 210
Bethesda, MD 20814-2160
Phone: 301-493-0290
Fax: 301-493-0208

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