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Lidar Division Information

The Lidar Division was established by the ASPRS Board of Directors at its May 5, 2011 meeting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  The Division is focused on all aspects of kinematic laser scanning (e.g. the entire sensing platform is in motion).


The mission of the Division is to provide a forum for collection, development and dissemination of information related to the best practices in developing, maintaining and operating kinematic laser scanners and associated sensors. The Division current comprises two committees and one working group:

Airborne LIDAR Committee: This committee develops best practices by soliciting input from the broad airborne laser scanning industry and from academia. Best practices are disseminated in both working papers and more formal specifications (such as the Vertical Accuracy Specification).

Mobile Mapping Systems Committee: This committee is a parallel committee to airborne but with the focus being land/water based kinematic laser scanning systems.

LAS Working Group: The LAS Working Group maintains and updates the LAS kinematic laser data standard.

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