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IGTF 2016
ASPRS 2016 Annual Conference and co-located JACIE Workshop
April 11 - 15, 2016, Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Conference Links:
  IGTF 2016 Conference Website
  Hotel Information


What is ASPRS?

Founded in 1934, the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) is a scientific association serving more than 7,000 professionals worldwide. Our mission is to promote the ethical application of active and passive sensors, the disciplines of photogrammetry, remote sensing, geographic information systems, and other supporting geospatial technologies; to advance the understanding of the geospatial and related sciences; to expand public awareness of the profession; and to promote a balanced representation of the interests of government, academia, and private enterprise.  We are The Imaging and Geospatial Information Society. 

LAS Key List


ID Company Name Email Key Notes
19 LAS Reserved LAS Reserved
LASF_Spec New owner = ASPRS
20 LAS Reserved LAS Reserved
LASF_Projection New owner = ASPRS
54 Merrick & Company Matt Bethel Merrick Contact info changed 02/24/2010
86 NASA C. W. Wright eaarl  
91 NOAA Coastal Services Center Kirk Waters NOAA_CSC  
92 NIIRS10, Inc. Brad Herman NIIRS10  
1038 RIEGL LMS GmbH A. Ullrich RIEGL 27-Oct-04
1041 Esteio Engenharia e Aerolevantamentos S.A. Amauri Brandalize ESTEIOSA 09-Nov-04
1054 Rolta India Limited Dr.C.D.Murthy image123 02-Mar-05
1063 Cottonwood Creek Software Corporation Michael Watry CottonwoodCreek 25-May-05
1066 Trimble Navigation Ltd. Claude Laflamme G3D 21-Jul-05
1108 GeoINT Cía. Ltda. Oswaldo Sandoval valito 15-Aug-06
1112 Visual Learning Systems, Inc. Raj Rao VLS_NPtSpacing 01-Sep-06
1113 Visual Learning Systems, Inc. Raj Rao VLS_PtSpacingX 01-Sep-06
1114 Visual Learning Systems, Inc. Raj Rao VLS_PtSpacingY 01-Sep-06
1150 GeoCue Corporation Lewis Graham GEOCUE 01-May-07
1159 NGA Richard Pearsall NGA 16-Jul-07
1170 Fugro EarthData, Inc. Tian Wang Fugro EarthData 18-Aug-09
1171 Fugro Horizons Inc. Guy Meiron FugroHorizons 18-Aug-09
1172 MicroImages, Inc. Michael Unverferth MicroImages 18-Aug-09
1173 Earth Eye LLC Mark E. Romano eartheye 18-Aug-09
1174 3D Laser Mapping UK Iain Lorraine 3DLM 20-Aug-09
1175 RIEGL LMS GmbH Andreas Ullrich RIEGL_LMS 31-Aug-09
1182 Aerolaser System SL Tomas Herrera Azorin Aerolaser 20-Oct-09
1192 Aerotop Francisco Ramos aerotop 19-Jan-10
1209 Howard Butler liblas 17-May-10
1217 Convenient Innovations Inc. Eliana Herbig 12062008 11-Jul-10
1221 AECOM Gray Minton AECOM 2-August-10
1223 Geomatics Data Solutions Carol Lockhart GeomaticsDS 13-August-10
1225 Facet Technology Robert Laumeyer FacetTech 24-September-10
1229 Terra Remote Sensing Inc. Loren Dawe TRSI OEM 14-October-10
1236 General Dynamics UK Philip Tudor VESPer1_GDUK 11-November-10
1240 Livermore Lasso Martin Isenburg laszip encoded 15-December-10
1243 Michael Baker Jr.., Inc. Stephen Clancy Baker_Mobile 4-January-11
1244 Michael Baker Jr.., Inc. Srinivasan Dharmapuri Baker_Aerial 4-January-11
1248 SRI International Regis Vincent KARTO 11-February-11
1249 deltav Jason Young 011082_xyz 17-February-11
1250 Online Interactive J. Matsumoto oi_las 18-February-11
1251 Texas State University Jennifer Jensen txstate_xyz 19-February-11
1252 QCoherent Software Derek Morris QCoherent 20-February-11
1253 Univ of Colorado SiriJodha S Khalsa NASA-ACCESS 24-February-11
1254 Univ of Colorado P P Oli 123456 27-February-11
1255 Renishaw PLC Dr. Stuart Mowbray RenishawSDM 28-February-11
1256 California State University Fresno Dr. Mushtaq Hussain 786_csu 3-March-11
1257 GUCAS Xiao Yong xiaoyong_gucas 7-March-11
1258 Michael Baker Jr.., Inc. Srinivasan Dharmapuri Baker_Aerial 16-March-11
1259 ProGea Consulting Dr. Piotr Wezyk progea 17-March-11
1260 ASIA SURVEY CO,.LTD Lee Du Hyeong AsiaGIS 29-March-11
1261 Ramani Geosystems Helen Wawira Lidar_Ramani 4-April-11
1262 Telecom ParisTech Michel Roux TelecomParisTech 13-April-11
 1263 Vietnam Center for Sea Survey and Mapping

 Tang Quoc Cuong  199_SEAMAP  22 May 2011
 1264  IGN France  Philippe Jolivet  123_IGN  22 May 2011
 1265  Drexel University  Hossein Nourzad  sh594_drexel  22 May 2011
 1266  City of Victoria  Steve Young  123_Vic  22 May 2011
 1267  Axis Conseils  J. Leveille  AXIS   22 May 2011
 1268  Roames  Damian de Bruin  roames_456   25 May 2011
 1269  FireDaemon  James Bourne  firedaemon   25 may 2011
 1270  Land and Water  David Hine  321_LWM   26 May 2011
 1271  Delta Data Systems  Robert Finnegan  ddsgis   2 July 2011
 1272  Geosim Systems  Yigal Eilam  ye_geosim   2 July 2011
 1273  University of Science and Technology, Poland Malgorzata Slota AGH_EDU_PL 2 July 2011
 1274  State of Idaho Military Division, IDARNG  Nick Nydegger  emomil   2 July 2011
 1275  Rainbow Power, India  Tamil Selvan  832_rainbow   2 July 2011
 1276  Turkish Army Mapping  Abdulvahit Torun  felis_KGK   6 July 2011
 1277  Solar Census  Keith Goodman  2011_SC   09 July 2011
1278 AAM GEO SPATIAL TECH PRIVATE LIMITED David Gordon aam_aamgst 23 August 2011
1279 Norwegian Mapping Authorithy Hermann Lupfert StatensKartverk_STE 23 August 2011
1280 Harris Corporation Dennis Karr 127_harris 14 Nov 2011
 1281  MicroImages, Inc.  Michael J Unverferth  MI_PUBLIC 10 May 2012
 1282  ESRI  Sabeshan Srinivasan  ESRI_BATHY  15 May 2012
 1283  Woolpert Inc.  Mark Millman  703_woolpert  30 July 2012
 1284  rapidlasso  Martin Isenburg  LAStools  3 Aug 2012
 1285  3D-Route_Scan GmbH  Daniel Westhoff  1285_3DRS  20 Aug 2012
 1286  OGS (Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale)  Roberto Vidmar  OGS

 10 Oct 2012

 1287  L'Avion Jaune, France  Tristan Allouis  yellowScan  26 Nov 2012
 1288  Idaho State Univ.  Rupesh Shrestha  BCAL_LiDAR  11 Jan 2013
 1289 Idaho State Univ.  Rupesh Shrestha  MCC_LiDAR  11 Jan 2013
 1290  Virtual Geomatics Inc  Ramesh Sridharan  456_VGI  3/15/2013
 1291  Zoom Labs  Dmitrii Bespalov  zoom_labs  8/6/2013
 1292  Zoller+Froehlich  Franz Härtl  ZF_LASER  12/24/2013
 1293  ESP Associates  Mark Romano  ESP_Analyst  04/26/2014
 1294  Quantum Spatial  Evon Silvia  QUANTUM  06/11/2014
 1295  Johns Hopkins University - APL  Andrew Scheck  JHUAPL  06/09/2015
 1296  BayesMap Solutions, LLC   Andre Jalobeanu  BayesMap  10/03/2015
 1297  The University of Alberta  Abeer Heikal  UofAlberta  12/23/2015
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