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Divisions and Committees

PDAD Division Intro


1) Stay current on operational aerospace sensor systems

  • Characteristics, specifications, performance
  • Remote Sensing Application capabilities
  • Typical applications/references for experiences
  • Sources for purchase, service, supplies, advice

2) Stay current on the Status and Characteristics of New sensor developments and system integration

  • Recommend features, functions and calibrations regarding ASPRS interests

3) Be aware and informed on new (or desirable) sensor developments for new applications

  • Examples: cell phone cameras, precision ag. Sensors, etc.

 4) Stay informed on the developments of sensor related components and technologies (outside the Remote Sensing community) Google Earth for example

 5) Maintain references to selected publications related to sensor development and deployment.

 6) Monitor proceedings of relevant professional, scientific, government, and academic meetings and contribute where appropriate.



Director Mr. Pierre le Roux

Deputy Director Vacant

Chair Digital Imagery Guideline Committee Mr. Gregory Lee Stensaas

Chair, Ten-Year Remote Sensing Forecast Committee Mr. Charles Mondello

Chair, Unmanned Aircraft Systems Committee Mr. Pierre le Roux


Committee Functions


Respond to members needs for information and education on Sensor Systems Technology.

  • Encourage relevant papers and presentations
  • Review and edit papers as requested
  • Organize and/or participate in sessions, forums, workshops and symposiums
  • Provide a technology resource for other divisions and committees of ASPRS
  • Keep membership apprised of sensor technology events


Represent ASPRS as a Technical Advisory Resource and Independent Professional Authority on Primary Data-Acquisition Technologies.


Additional Information

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