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PE&RS Submissions

PE&RS Manuscript Review Procedure

ASPRS Journal Policy Committee
The Journal Policy Committee (JPC) is responsible for matters dealing with publication of Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing (PE&RS). The JPC reports to the Executive Committee of ASPRS. The Committee also serves as a review board for complaints lodged by authors about the handling of manuscripts, and, if necessary, acts as the final arbiter regarding the acceptability of papers for publication.

Editors and Manuscript Coordinator
Dr. Russell G. Congalton serves as Editor-in-Chief, Mr. Michael S. Renslow is Technical Editor, Dr. Jie Shan is Assistant Editor, and Ms. Kim Tilley is Managing Editor. The JPC may also appoint other editors including editors to handle book reviews, software reviews and special columns (e.g., Grids and Datums).

The Editor-in-Chief designates the Manuscript Coordinator for PE&RS. Ms. Jeanie Congalton currently serves in this capacity. The Manuscript Coordinator logs in manuscripts, maintains files on the status of manuscripts, serves as a point-of-contact for authors seeking information about manuscripts and handles correspondence with authors and reviewers concerning the status of reviews.

The Editor-in-Chief selects reviewers for manuscripts submitted for peer review. He/she is responsible for insuring that there are no conflicts-of-interest between reviewers and authors of submitted manuscripts. The names of individuals serving as reviewers in a calendar year will be published at least once per year in PE&RS.

Manuscript Review Process
The manuscript review process is double-blind. That is, reviewers are not informed of the names or affiliations of authors, and authors are not provided with the identities of reviewers. It is our objective to insure that all reviews are conducted strictly on the merits of the manuscript. The goal of the manuscript review procedure is to complete the review process within 90 days from date of receipt of manuscripts. All manuscripts submitted for review are considered confidential. The procedure for review is outlined below:

(1) Authors submit manuscripts to the Editor-in-Chief (See Instructions for Authors of Peer-reviewed Articles for more information.)

(2) The Manuscript Coordinator assigns the manuscript a tracking number (e.g., 09-001) and sends a letter of acknowledgment to the corresponding author by electronic mail.

(3) The Editor-in-Chief selects a minimum of three reviewers who are known to have expertise in the subject-matter of the manuscript. Prospective reviewers are contacted and provided (via e-mail) a copy of the abstract of the manuscript. Persons who agree to undertake reviews are emailed the manuscript and the review form.

(4) The Manuscript Coordinator logs the following information in a database:

  • date manuscript was received
  • tracking number
  • author(s) address and contact information
  • title of manuscript
  • names, addresses and e-mail of reviewers
  • date manuscript was forwarded to each reviewer

(5) The Manuscript Coordinator alerts reviewers when reviews are overdue. If appropriate, the Editor-in-Chief will notify delinquent reviewers by telephone or email, recall the manuscript, and reassign the manuscript to another reviewer in order to acquire reviews in a timely manner.

(6) Reviewers are asked to make one of the following recommendations:

  • accept the paper without modification
  • accept the paper subject to minor revision
  • reject the paper, but inform the author that the paper will be reconsidered if it incorporates mandatory revisions. The paper requires significant changes before it can be published.
  • reject the paper. The paper will not be reconsidered.

(7) After all reviews are received, the Editor-in-Chief will judge the acceptability of the manuscript and forward the consensus recommendation and reviews to the author(s) via email. The decision will be either to:

  • accept the paper without modification (or with minor, non-mandatory modification)
  • accept the paper conditionally (subject to mandatory revision and subsequent review by the Editor)
  • reject the paper, but inform the author that the paper will be reconsidered by the panel of referees if it incorporates mandatory revisions
  • reject the paper (the paper is significantly flawed and will not be reconsidered).

(8) The Manuscript Coordinator will add the following information to the computer data base:

  • date review and recommendation was received from each reviewer
  • status of manuscript (i.e., accept, reconsider, reject)
  • date that recommendation and reviews were sent to the corresponding author.

(9) If a manuscript must be revised prior to acceptance or reconsideration by reviewers, it will be returned to the author with reviewers' comments and a request to complete the revision within 90 days of receipt by authors. The Editor-in-Chief may recommend a paper for more than one revision; however, such a decision will consider the degree of effort necessary from authors to bring the manuscript to acceptable standards, and, under some circumstance, may require that the manuscript be resubmitted as a new manuscript.

(10) Manuscripts returned to authors for revision must, except in unusual cases, be returned within 90 days of receipt by authors. Such manuscripts, if not revised and resubmitted within 90 days, will be withdrawn from the review process. If subsequently resubmitted (after 90 days) such manuscripts will be treated as new papers.

Contact for Additional Information

Dr. Russell G. Congalton, Editor-in-Chief
Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing
4 Ryan Way
Durham, NH 03824 USA

Tel.: (603) 862-4644


Last revised June 2009

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Home Publications PE&RS Submissions PE&RS Manuscript Review Procedure