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Training Webinars Offered

Benefit from having these excellent ASPRS workshops delivered direct to you.
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Attention those seeking ASPRS Certification: ASPRS Training Webinars are a great way to gain Professional Development Hours!

Registration Fees:

ASPRS Student Members ASPRS Members Nonmembers
$100 for a 4-hour webinar $200 for a 4-hour webinar $350 for a 4-hour webinar
$150 for an 8-hour webinar $300 for an 8-hour webinar $450 for an 8-hour webinar
Geospatial Intern (formerly Provisional) Certification (4 hours) = $30   Geospatial Intern (formerly Provisional) Certification (4 hours) = $55





 To view a past training webinar, please contact

Extended Multispectral Satellite Remote Sensing the VNIR and SWIR -- October 2, 2014 (4 hours total) 

A one day introductory course covering topics such as the background: the science of reflectance spectroscopy, Radiometry, The role of the atmosphere, Multispectral Data Collection, Brief history of multispectral and hyperspectral systems, Satellite Systems, Airborne Hyperspectral Systems, Data Processing Overview, and an Overview of Applications.

Presenter: Bill Farrand and Rachana Ravi

 Advanced Extended Multispectral Satellite Remote Sensing in the VNIR and SWIR -- October 2 & 3, 2014 (8 hours total)

This is a two-day course combinging the July 31st course, Extended Multispectral Satellite Remote Sensing in VNIR and SWIR and a day of advanced level training. The second day of advanced level training will cover topics such as more detail on the science of reflectance spectroscopy, Scattering theory, Causes of absorption features, Multispectral Data collection, Data Processing and Discussion of Applications.

In order to receive the information on the Advanced, day-2 course, each student MUST also take the day-1 course.

 Presenters: Bill Farrand and Rachana Ravi



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Webinar Attendee User Guide

NOTE: ASPRS Webinars are intended for the sole use and benefit of those registered to take the Workshop. That means that Each Person who attends a Webinar is required to register. ASPRS Sustaining Member companies who have multiple employees who want to take the webinar at the same time should contact Priscilla Weeks at for information on quantity discounts. Attending a webinar without registering is an ethical violation.

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