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Technical Program
Tuesday October 29th
9:30 AM – 11:00 AM
1 - Geospatial Information Collection, Distribution
and Management - Airborne Sensors: Innovative
Techniques for Acquisition and Processing to Support
Disaster Management
Moderator: Chris Lippitt,
University of New Mexico
, United States
Location: Executive Salon 5
Low Light Imaging using Absolutely Calibrated Large Format
Digital Aerial Framing Cameras
Robert Ryan,
Innovative Imaging and Research,
United States
Mary Pagnutti and Kara Holekamp
Repeat Station Airborne Imaging for Rapid Disaster Assessment
and Situational Awareness
Lloyd (Pete) Coulter,
San Diego State University
, United States
Douglas Stow, Christopher Lippitt, Grant Fraley, and
Richard McCreight
Coastal Flooding and Marsh Resource Monitoring With Radar
and Optical Satellite Sensor Data
Aamina Rangoonwala,
Five Rivers Services LLC
, United States
Elijah Ramsey III
2 - Geospatial Information Analysis Modeling –
Feature Extraction and Analysis to Support Pre- and
Post-Event Planning and Response
Moderator: Devin White,
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
, United
Location: Executive Salon 3
Landcover Supervised Classification for Emergency Preparedness
Jay Morrow,
Harris Corporation
, United States
Mark Rahmes, Morris Akbari, George Lemieux
Extracting Infrastructure Information from Images to Support
Human Interpretation
Raechel Bianchetti,
The Pennsylvania State University
, United
Automatic Landslide Feature Extraction From Airborne Lidar
Charles Toth,
The Ohio State University
, United States
Jung-Kuan Liu, Omar Mora, and Dorota Grejner-Brzezinska
3 - Visualization and Communication - Base
Geospatial Information to Support Disaster
Moderator: Melissa Wagner,
Arizona State University
, United
Location: San Antonio Ballroom
Enhancing National Emergency Response through a National
Address Database
Kaile Bower,
U.S. Census Bureau
, United States
Ensuring Geospatial Preparedness: A Proposed User Fee for
National Data?
Alan M. Mikuni,
Towill, Inc.
, United States
Proper Care and Feeding of Metadata
Ryan Elizabeth Bowe,
Photo Science, Inc.
, United States
Special Session
4 - UAS Session 1
Moderator: Ed Freeborn,
Unmanned Experts LLC
, United
Location: Executive Salon 4
Applications of UAV-capable Systems for Post-disaster
Damage Assessment of Transportation Infrastructure
David Dean,
Michigan Tech Research Institute
, United States
Colin Brooks, R. Dobson, C. Roussi, T. Colling, and C. Singh
Experience Using UAS Sensors Post Hurricane
David Yoel,
American Aerospace Advisors
, United States
Gabriel Ladd
The Rise of the Machines
Mike Tully,
Aerial Services, Inc. (ASI)
, United States
Joshua McNary
Networking Opportunity
All Conference Refreshment Break
11:00 am to 11:30 am
Location: 2
Floor, Texas Ballroom Salons B & C
Student & Employer Meet & Greet
11:00 am to 12 Noon
Location: Texas Ballroom, Salon A
Take this wonderful opportunity to make some connections with
potential Employers attending the conference this year. The
Meet and greet is designed to connect members looking to apply
for jobs in the digital mapping industry with employers looking
to hire. Bring your resume, a business card, or just a smile and a
handshake, and expand your job network.
11:30 AM to 1:15 PM
CaGIS/ASPRS 2013 Specialty Conference • www.asprs.org/Conferences/San-Antonio-2013
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