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Technical Program
Tuesday October 29th
4:00 PM – 5:30 PM
9 - Geospatial Information Collection, Distribution
and Management - 3-D Modeling and Terrestrial Lidar
Moderator: Charles Toth,
The Ohio State University
Location: Executive Salon 4
Sensor Fusion: Combining Capabilities for Recovery
Joshua France,
, United States
William Meyer
The Efficacy of Terrestrial Laser Scanning in Retrieving Tree Lev-
el Forest Inventory Variables and Studying Tree Level Growth
Shruthi Srinivasan,
Spatial Science Laboratory
, United States
Sorin Popescu, Ryan Sheridan, and Nian-Wei Ku
3D Laser Scanning Insights on Impacts of Earthquakes and
Michael Olsen,
Oregon State University
, United States
10 - Geospatial Information Analysis Modeling –
GIS-based Models to Enable Disaster Management
Moderator: Thomas Morelli,
Sea Land & Air Technologies &
Systems, Inc.,
United States
Location: San Antonio Ballroom
Identifying Likely Post-Disaster Travel Routes Through Urban Land-
scapes Using Lidar and Massively Parallelized Least Cost Analysis
Devin White,
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
, United States
Modeling Protective-Action Triggers in Wildfires
Thomas Cova,
University of Utah
, United States
Phil Dennison, Frank Drews
Simulations of DAM Failure Events and Associated Emergency
Response Planning
Haluk Cetin,
Murray State University
, United States
Tom Mueller
11 - Management of Disasters – Data Management/
Data Dissemination
Moderator: Robert Ryan,
Innovative Imaging and Research
United States
Location: Executive Salon 5
A Preliminary Review of Time-Sensitive Remote Sensing Methods
Chris Lippitt,
University of New Mexico
, United States
Using IDEAS (Intelligent Data Exploration and Analytics System)
for Visual Solutions of Geospatial Challenges Associated with
Disaster Prediction and Response
Charles Samuels,
The SI Organization, Inc.
, United States
John Kelley and Shawana Johnson
The National Map and Hazard Data Distribution System
Robert Bewley,
U.S. Geological Survey
, United States
12 - Poster Lightening Session Talks
Moderator: Michael E. Hodgson,
University of South Carolina
United States
Location: Executive Salon 3
Morphological Operators Based Approach for Building
Extraction in Hazardous Areas Using Close Range Airborne
Chandana Dinesh Parape,
Environmental Informatics
, Japan
Chinthaka Pemachandra and Masayuki Tamura
Automated Urban Building DAM age Detection Using Fast
Fourier Transform From Pre- and Post-Event High Resolu-
tion Airborne Stereo Imagery in Case Of Natural Hazards
Chandana Dinesh Parape,
Environmental Informatics
, Japan
Masayuki Tamura and Chinthaka Pemachandra
Design of an Online Course for Interpretation and Assess-
ment of Images before and After Events
Ming-Chih Hung,
Northwest Missouri State University
United States
Yi-Hwa Wu
Social Media and Geospatial Information
Terra Wright-Deloatch,
Fayetteville State University
, United
Revisiting Tournachon – How Balloon Aerial Photography
has Been Moved out of History and into the GIS Classroom
Gustavo Zastrow,
Northern Virginia Community College
United States
Michael Krimmer and Jason Brown
Networking Opportunity
Exhibitors’ Reception
5:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Location: 2
Floor, Texas Ballroom Salons B & C
A highlight of the Specialty Conferences is this gathering
of exhibitors the night the Show officially opens, as we say
“Thank You” to the exhibitors. Their innovative new products
and creative displays are the conference main attraction.
Join us for this fun way to say “Thank You” to all of our
supporting exhibitors!
Light hors d’oeuvres will be served and each attendee will
be given one complimentary drink ticket. Admission to this
event is included with most registrations. A cash bar will be
open until 7:00 PM.
Come join us for an evening of learning and fun!
This great networking opportunity includes
45 minutes of basic salsa dance lessons with Karen Schuckman and Michael E. Hodgson as your
dance instructors followed by dancing at a local venue.
There is no cost associated with the dance lessons. Any fees, food or drink associated with
the off-site local venue are the responsibility of each participant. The Conference assumes no
responsibility at the off-site venue.
Salsa Night
– 11:00
Tuesday, October 29
Location: 3rd Floor
San Antonio Ballroom
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