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Technical Program
Wednesday October 30th
Technical Sessions 
3:30 pm – 5:00 pm
Special Session
21 - DHS IDIQ Contract Experience/Lessons
Chris Barnard,
Remote Sensing Advisor
, Geospatial Manage-
ment Office, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), will
provide an overview of DHS’ new Indefinite Delivery/Indefi-
nite Quantity (IDIQ) rapid acquisition contract. This will be
followed by presentations from each of the firms under con-
tract discussing issues such as: meeting the event-specific
rapid response needs of DHS, the major challenges in rapid
response acquisition, and what particular technologies/
methods might be deployed to support rapid data acquisi-
tion and the associated issues related to data management
in this type of event.
Moderator: Bruce Davis,
Department of Homeland Security
United States
Location: San Antonio Ballroom
Overview of Scope and Contract Background
Chris Barnard,*
Department of Homeland Security
, United
Mapping the Path to Recovery
Mark Safran,
BAE Systems
, United States
Discussion of Their Perspectives as Contractors
Bob Hickey,
, United States
Terry Keating,
, United States
Amar Nayegandi,
, United States
Time will be reserved for a Q&A and panel discussion on
this contract and associated challenges from both a govern-
ment, as well as a private sector perspective.
*Speaker will participate remotely.
22 - Geospatial Information Analysis Modeling - Data
Fusion to Support Disaster Response and Recovery
Moderator: Jitendra Sharma,
University of North Georgia
, United
Location: Executive Salon 3
Fusion of Remotely Sensed Data for Human Grave Detection
Katie Corcoran,
University of Tennessee
, United States
Devin White
Performance Analysis on Image Fusion Methods
Volkan Yilmaz,
Karadeniz Technical University
, Turkey
Oguz Gungor
Automated Detection Of Refugee/IDP Tents From Satellite
Imagery Using Two-Level Graph Cut Segmentation
Serife S. Kucur Ergunay,
Informatics and Information Security
Research Center
), Turkey
Fatih Kahraman and Hasan F. Ates
23 - Disaster Management - Effective Planning and
Moderator: Kaile Bower,
U.S. Census Bureau,
United States
Location: Executive Salon 5
Development of Geospatially Enabled Geographic Response
Plans for Oil Spill Response in the Western Basin of Lake Erie
David Dean,
Michigan Tech Research Institute
, United States
C. Brooks and K. Arthur Endsley
Maritime Migration of Disaster-Displaced International Refu-
gees: Contingency Planning and Response Supported by Re-
mote Sensing Applications Implemented Through Comprehen-
sive Engagement Strategy
Thomas Morelli,
Sea Land & Air Technologies & Systems, Inc.
United States
Bradley Niesen
Communicating School Emergency Plans with the Community
Using Resilient Communication
Jennifer Burrell,
Kent State University
, United States
Special Session
24 - UAS Session 2
Sponsored by the ASPRS Primary Data Acquisition Division
Moderator: Pierre le Roux,
ASPRS PDAD/Aerometric
, United
Location: Executive Salon 2
Event Response Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Bret Vandevoort,
GIS Services
, United States
Bill Timmins and Jeff Cooper
Woolpert’s Unmanned Airborne System for Today’s Map-
ping Needs: The Metric Approach
Qassim Abdullah,
, United States
U.S. National Committee Meeting
5:30 pm to 6:30 pm
Location: Boardroom
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