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Leica GeoSystems, Inc.
Norcross, Geogia
Leica Geosystems is the world‘s leading manufacturer of airborne
sensor solutions. Everything for Airborne Sensing – but the
plane!Medium and large format airborne imaging and LIDAR
sensors - Airborne GNSS/IMU solutions - End-to-end workflow
from flight planning to post processing - Global support network.
Seattle, Washington
Since 1992, LizardTech® has delivered state-of-the-art software
products for managing and distributing massive, high-resolution
geospatial data such as aerial and satellite imagery and LiDAR
data. LizardTech pioneered the MrSID® technology, a powerful
wavelet-based image encoder, viewer, and file format and now
has offices in Seattle, Denver, London and Tokyo. LizardTech is a
business name of Celartem Technology Inc. For more information
about LizardTech, visit
NorPix, Inc.
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
NorPix is a developer of high speed digital video recording
software and solutions. Our flagship product, StreamPix 6,
supports a wide selection of GigE Vision, USB3, CoAXpress,
Camera Link, Analog and Firewire cameras. StreamPix can
capture from multiple synchronized cameras simultaneously
as well as capture images with computer time stamp, GPS
coordinates, or IrigB and GPS timing. DAQ data can also be
captured from single or multiple sources at rates of single or
multiple inputs per second.
Vaughan, Ontario
Optech offers integrated lidar and camera solutions for airborne,
mobile, terrestrial and bathymetric surveying in transportation,
utilities, engineering, industrial, natural resources, marine and
ISR applications.
Point of Beginning
Point of Beginning (POB) helps land surveyors and geomatics
professionals succeed through our coverage of new technologies
and opportunities. We offer practical solutions to surveying and
mapping problems, while keeping you up-to-date on business
strategies, the law and education.
Professional Surveyor
Orlando, Florida
With twenty years’ experience, RIEGL USA delivers cutting edge
technology in airborne, mobile and terrestrial laser scanning
solutions. From your purchase, to system integration, to training
and support, RIEGL USA stands out as an industry leader. The
factor to RIEGL USA’s success is providing reliability and support
to our customers.
Surveying and Mapping, Inc. (SAM, Inc.)
Austin, Texas
As one of the largest providers of geospatial data solutions,
SAM, Inc. has an impressive store of talent and capabilities.
Over the last decade we have strategically expanded to offer
digital aerial mapping, GIS, terrestrial laser scanning, subsurface
utility engineering, utility coordination, and mobile LiDAR.
Our complete geospatial approach gives us the tools and skills
to develop efficient and customized solutions for projects of any
scale. With more than 600 employees and growing, the breadth
and depth of our available workforce means we are able to
accomplish large-scale projects on accelerated schedules.
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