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Exhibit Hall
Technical Program
Sunday, October 27th
Monday, October 28th
Tuesday, October 29
Wednesday, October 30
Social Events
CaGIS/ASPRS 2013 Specialty Conference • www.asprs.org/Conferences/San-Antonio-2013
Conference Sponsor
Media Sponsors
ASPRS would like to Thank our Media Sponsors for
continually supporting our organization, the conferences
and our exhibitors. These partnerships are a valuable key
to our success.
Complimentary Public WiFi
The CaGIS/ASPRS 2013 Specialty Conference is pleased to
provide wireless internet for most conference attendees in
the meeting areas and the general session room. The com-
plimentary wireless internet will be limited speed and is for
general usage. Please respect your fellow attendees and do
not download large files, stream video content or engage in
malicious activities. Each attendee will be provided access
information within their onsite registration packet.
All users of the free pubic WiFi will be held to the Terms and Conditions of
using this free service. The Terms and Conditions can be found online at the
conferenceweb site.
The American Surveyor
Directions Magazine
Earth Imaging Journal (EIJ)
EARTH Magazine
GEO Informatics
GIM International
Imaging Notes
Point of Beginning
Professional Surveyor
Vector 1 Media - Sensors & Systems
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