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CaGIS/ASPRS 2013 Specialty Conference • www.asprs.org/Conferences/San-Antonio-2013
The American Surveyor
The American Surveyor is made by survey-
ors for surveyors. Editor Marc Cheves draws
on 40+ years of industry experience
alongside a stellar team of nationally recognized writers. Sister
publications include LIDAR News & GISuser.com.
An international monthly magazine
on positioning, navigation, and
beyond. It focuses on GPS/GALILEO/GLONASS and other
related technologies and applications like mapping, surveying,
cartography, timing etc. It also highlights GIS, remote sensing,
LIDAR, photogrammetry etc. and their applications.
Directions Magazine
Directions Magazine is the world’s leading source
of news and opinion for “all things location.” We
keep our readers informed with the latest
geospatial technology trends and issues through newsletters,
blogs, podcasts, industry Channels and webinars.
Earth Imaging Journal (EIJ)
Devoted to exploring the world of remote sensing.
The bimonthly publication focuses on the dominant
business applications that support the international
remote sensing industry, emphasizing the inherent
beauty and informational value of Earth imagery
from numerous sources. The magazine also delivers
insightful perspectives on remote sensing policy initiatives and
covers niche markets as they develop. Earth Imaging Journal is
complimented by its website, and its weekly electronic
newsletter, Earth Imaging Express.
EARTH Magazine
Each monthly issue of EARTH gives readers
definitive coverage on topics from natural
resources, energy, natural disasters andthe environment to space
exploration and paleontology and much, much more. EARTH
explores the science behind the headlines with timely, relevant
editorial content, numerous photos, illustrations, and great
maps, with an increasingly diverse mix of topics in each issue.
EARTH’s readers are spread across the earth science disciplines
in academia, government, research and the private sector, people
who are involved directly in the issues affecting everyone daily.
Awareness of our planet has never been as critical as it is today.
EARTH is available digitally at Zinio.com for just $19.99.
Subscribe to GeoConnexion for access to Geospatial articles
and news. Enjoy your own printed copy of the magazine, access
to GeoConnexion website for latest news, articles and archive,
plus exclusive access to offers and events from geotechnology
industries in the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, North
America and Asia. Join Now.
GEO Informatics
Published eight times a year and available
free in both print as well as digital. GeoIn-
formatics Magazine offers up-to-the-minute news via its website
and its international Geo-news magazine iPhone application
allowing users to access the latest news on their iPhone, iPad or
iPod. GeoInformatics distinguishes itself from all the others by
bringing high-quality articles, the latest news and of course by
reaching the right audience.
Published monthly, GeoWorld covers local and federal
government, emergency management, infrastructure and much
more. GoeTec Media also offers news, articles and analysis on its
website, GeoPlace.com and its weekly newsletter, the GeoReport.
GIM International
A global magazine for geomatics, is published by
Geomares Publishing. The working scope of
GIM International is worldwide and focuses on
reporting the latest news and communicating new developments
and applications in geomatics. New! Geo-matching.com – a
unique, independent comparison website featuring detailed
spec-based comparisons and user reviews for more than 500
geomatics products. The Geo matching.com platform will bring
together the popular GIM International and HYDRO Inter-
national product surveys all in one place.
GISCafe.Com is the #1 Web Portal for
Photogrammetric, Surveying, GPS, and
Geographics Information Systems Industry professionals. We
provide daily news, editorial, interviews, blogs, webinars, job
listings, technical papers, product catalogs. Subscribe to the
daily newsletter at GISCafe.Com.
Imaging Notes
A premier publication for commercial,
government and academic remote sensing
professionals around the world. It dem-
onstrates how remote sensing technologies and spatial
information illuminate the urgent interrelated issues of the
environment, energy and security.
Point of Beginning
Point of Beginning (POB) helps land surveyors
and geomatics professionals succeed through our
coverage of new technologies and opportunities.
We offer practical solutions to surveying and
mapping problems, while keeping you up-to-date
on business strategies, the law and education.
Professional Surveyor
Business and technology information for land
and hydrographic surveyors, photogram-
metrists, and LIDAR/GIS professionals.
Published with it are annual Aerial Mapping and Red Pages
supplements, and e-newsletters Pangaea and Field Notes, the
latest in geospatial technologies.
Sensors & Systems
Vector1 Media publishes Sensors &
Systems, Informed Infrastructure and
Asian Surveying & Mapping (ASM). Each
deals with the application of sensing and
modeling for different scales of geography. Sensors & Systems
explores global change, Informed Infrastructure examines smart
city applications and technology and ASM covers geospatial
technology application in Asia-Pacific.
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