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Technical Program 
Tuesday October 29th
CaGIS/ASPRS 2013 Specialty Conference • www.asprs.org/Conferences/San-Antonio-2013
Special Session
UAS Session 1
Moderator: Ed Freeborn,
Unmanned Experts LLC
, United
Integration of UAS into the National Airspace System
Dave Morton,
FAA UAS Integration Office
, United States
Experience Using UAS Sensors Post Hurricane
David Yoel,
American Aerospace Advisors
, United States
Gabriel Ladd
The Rise of the Machines
Mike Tully,
Aerial Services, Inc. (ASI)
, United States
Joshua McNary
1:30 pm – 3:00 pm
Geospatial Information Collection,
Distribution and Management –
Commercial Imagery Assets for Disaster
Management and Response
Moderator: Ramesh Sivanpillai,
University of Wyoming
, United
Using Astrium GEO-Information Services EO Satellite
Constellation for Disaster Response
Drew Hopwood,
Astrium GEO-Information Services
, United
Perspectives on Multi-Modal Imaging for Emergenct Response
with specific reference to Isaac, Granbury TX and Moore OK
Pierre le Roux,
ASPRS PDAD/Aerometric
, United States
Mobile-Cloud Crowdsourcing-enabled Image Understanding
and GIS Fusion for Rapid Post-disaster Response
ZhiQiang Chen,
University of Missouri-Kansas City
, United States
Jianfei Chen, Ashlee Warnke, and Maria Medrano
Access to DigitalGlobe Imagery Through the FirstLook Crisis
Event Services
Jack Hild,
, United States
Geospatial Information Analysis Modeling
– Forest Fire Risk Modeling
Moderator: Thomas Cova,
University of Utah
, United States
Forest Fire Analysis and Modeling using NASA Earth Observing
System in Coahuila, Mexico
Rohini S. Swaminathan,
, United States
Pedro Juan Rodriguez Rivera, Carlos Cardenas, Christian
Gonzalez, Laura Helena, Hector Hernandez, Daniel Martinez,
and Ryan Quinn
Fire Risk Assessment in the USA Using RiskPro Web-based
Mary Lorraine Tighe,
, United States
Stephen Griffiths, Michael Wollersheim, and Qiaoping Zhang
Forest Fire Hazard Mapping Using Remotely Sensed Data and
Geographic Information System (Case Study: The GOLESTAN
Province, Northern Iran)
Mehran Sattari,
University of Isfahan
, Iran
Ahmad Rajabi, Mehran Sattari, Behnam Tahmasebi Boldaji, Amin
Abbasi Habashi, and Omid Dana
Visualization and Communication
Moderator: Raechel Bianchetti,
The Pennsylvania State
, United States
Using 3D Geovisualization Approaches to Communicate and
Visualize Hurricane Emergency Response
Olympia Koziatek,
Simon Fraser University
, Canada
Nick Benoy, Alex Chen, and Chris D. Lonergan
Integrating Service Learning and GEOBIA Research: High
Resolution Mapping of Urban and Rural Landscapes in Georgia
Jitendra Sharma,
University of North Georgia
, United States
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