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Tuesday October 29th
 Technical Program
CaGIS/ASPRS 2013 Specialty Conference • www.asprs.org/Conferences/San-Antonio-2013
Special Session
Hurricane Sandy
Moderator: Alan Mikuni,
Towill, Inc.
, United States
Evaluating the Impact of Hurricane Sandy through the Lens
of Ian McHarg’s Design by Nature
Melissa Wagner,
Arizona State University
, United States
Elizabeth Wentz, Nabil Kamel
Risk Assessment and Modeling Storm Damage: Hurricane
Sandy as a Case Study in Disaster Management
Yan Yan,
Graduate School of Geography
Clark University,
United States
Hayley Solak
4:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Geospatial Information Collection,
Distribution and Management - 3-D
Modeling and Terrestrial Lidar
Moderator: Charles Toth,
The Ohio State University
, United
Sensor Fusion: Combining Capabilities for Recovery
William Meyer,
, United States
Joshua France
The Efficacy of Terrestrial Laser Scanning in Retrieving Tree
Level Forest Inventory Variables and Studying Tree Level
Shruthi Srinivasan,
Spatial Science Laboratory
, United States
Sorin Popescu, Ryan Sheridan, and Nian-Wei Ku
3D Laser Scanning Insights on Impacts of Earthquakes and
Michael Olsen,
Oregon State University
, United States
Geospatial Information Analysis Modeling
– GIS-based Models to Enable Disaster
Moderator: Thomas Morelli,
Sea Land & Air Technologies &
Systems, Inc.
, United States
Identifying Likely Post-Disaster Travel Routes Through Urban
Landscapes Using Lidar and Massively Parallelized Least Cost
Devin White,
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
, United States
Modeling Protective-Action Triggers in Wildfires
Thomas Cova,
University of Utah
, United States
Phil Dennison, Frank Drews
Simulations of Dam Failure Events and Associated Emergency
Response Planning
Haluk Cetin,
Murray State University
, United States
Tom Mueller
Management of Disasters – Data
Management/Data Dissemination
Moderator: Robert Ryan,
Innovative Imaging and Research
United States
A Preliminary Review of Time-Sensitive Remote Sensing
Chris Lippitt,
University of New Mexico
, United States
Using IDEAS (Intelligent Data Exploration and Analytics System)
for Visual Solutions of Geospatial Challenges Associated with
Disaster Prediction and Response
Charles Samuels,
The SI Organization, Inc.
, United States
John Kelley and Shawana Johnson
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