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February 2014
without mingling with Kim, cracking few jokes, and ending
with a smile and best wishes.
In every measure, Kim has left a lasting positive impact, not
only on individuals, friends, and family, but on a whole seg-
ment of the professional geospatial community.
Her mentoring helped open doors I did not know were previ-
ously there.
Ms. Tilley contributed significantly to the professions associ-
ated with photogrammetry, remote sensing, and geospatial
information science through her work with ASPRS. She will
be missed by all, but, her work will continue to have a posi-
tive impact for years to come.
Her enthusiasm, fresh ideas, and team spirit were truly wel-
comed by a group exploring new ways to support an import-
ant industry.
She was a wonderful lady that always had a great sense of
humor and patience, especially with my columns from time-
to-time. Her professionalism was an example for all that were
around her, and she will be sorely missed. I am glad that I
had an opportunity to know the lady and to consider her a
good friend.
May she rest in peace and may her family rejoice in a selfless
life who served others so well.
As a newly elected officer, I was taken under her wing, and I, along
with so many of us in the ASPRS family, became better members
of the community because of Kim’s mentoring and tutelage.
Kim was such a beautiful woman - giving, fun, smart. She
will be greatly missed by all of us who had the privilege of
knowing her.
Kim was a wonderful human being, a caring person who was
a de-facto mentor to all of us in our professional lives Her tre-
mendous abilities and skills made her a strong and superlative
advocate and ambassador to the Society and to the many pro-
fessions it encompasses. Kim will be greatly missed by all of us.
We have lost a dear friend, a strong woman and critical com-
ponent of our international ASPRS and ISPRS family. She
was my personal and professional advisor on many occasions.
The sound of her beautiful laugh and witty remarks will stay
with me always.
Kim had a genuine love of the Society and natural enthusi-
asm that helped myself and others get involved and par-
ticipate. She was incredibly supporting and encouraging to
the students and young professionals, not only verbally, but
through her hands-on participation with these groups.
The Young Professionals Council relied heavily on her guid-
ance, knowledge and support to help develop and implement
our goals. We recognize her tireless efforts to support us and
to make the Society more appealing to young members. Kim
had entrusted us with leadership roles in a very important
component of the Society, and taking ownership of those roles
and continuing to move the young professional /student ef-
forts of ASPRS forward is the best tribute we can give to this
great person that will be missed dearly.
I remember how excited I was to attend an ASPRS webinar
with Kim moderating. I was getting to see the ASPRS rock
stars in action.
It was always a pleasure to work with her and her responses
were well articulated and insightful.
I had the ability to work closely with Kim as a member of both
the SAC and YPC, and her encouragement and support always
kept me focused and determined to make the most of my mem-
bership with ASPRS, and to give back as much as I received.
Kim was a wonderful employee, mentor, and friend, and her
contributions to the society will always be remembered.
“Happy holidays” were the last words Kim said to the Stu-
dent Advisory Council (SAC) during our last meeting a week
before her passing. As a supporter for nurturing our young
professionals, she made every effort to make us more effective
in our service to the society while growing our network of
professional friends for the rest of our lives.
It was very easy to look at her service to ASPRS and learn
to be committed as she was. It was very shocking when she
disclosed to us that she was not really a trained Photogram-
metrist or Remote Sensing expert! Her dedication in the line
of duty to ASPRS suggested otherwise.
Kim had a genuine interest in making ASPRS useful for all
its membership.
One of her most important achievement from a student
perspective included the initiation and stewardship of the
student volunteer scholarship.
I was very sad to hear of Kim’s passing. She was tremendous-
ly dedicated and knowledgeable about ASPRS and, in addi-
tion, she cared very deeply about the success of the Society
and the people associated with it. That is a rare thing and she
will be missed greatly by the organization and its members. I
will also miss her very much as a friend and colleague.
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