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Christopher Begley,
Associate Professor
of Anthropology,
Lost Cities, Lasers, and
the Vestiges of the
Colonial Discourse of
Archaeologists invoke
the saying “It’s not what
you find, it’s what you find out” to suggest
that we are not after objects, but pursuing an
understanding of the past. This understanding
benefits from revolutionary advances in
technologies such as lidar imaging, 3D imaging,
and portable analytical tools such as x-ray
fluorescence. However, some recent examples
demonstrate the use of these new technologies
to perpetuate a disturbing and problematic
element of archaeological discourse– the trope
of discovery.
Keynote Speaker
Geolocational capabilities of our smart
phones, notebooks and personal devices are
changing the way we do business, monitor our
environment, interact with imagery, plan our
travel, socialize and, generally, conduct our
daily lives. Even as we are being shaped by
the power of this technology, our geospatial
community has the skills and knowledge to
shape its future. And we can only imagine
what is possible in the next decade. Come to
Louisville in 2014 and show us the future of
Geospatial Power in Our Pockets.
The Conference will be held at the Galt House
Hotel, Louisville, Kentucky, March 24-27, 2014.
NEW for this year, the JACIE (Joint Agency
Commercial Imagery Evaluation) Workshop,
will be held March 26 through March 28 in
conjunction with the Annual Conference as a
separate track.
The JACIE Workshop is supported by NASA,
Joint JACIE/ASPRS Sessions
The following sessions are for all full conference registrations - JACIE and ASPRS.
Frank Kelly, Space Policy
Advisor and Director,
EROS Data Center
Landsat satellites have provided the
longest record of our planet from
space. The U.S. has committed to
continue the Landsat program for the long term,
and is developing a series of spaceborne systems
to provide measurements for at least 20 years
beyond Landsat 8.
Stewart Walker,
ASPRS Incoming President
Joint JACIE/ASPRS Technical Sessions
• NASA, NOAA, USDA and USGS Discussion Panel
• Landsat 8 Calibration Session
...Plus social events
and lots of fun
JACIE/ASPRS Joint Plenary Session
David Hodgson, CEO and Managing
DMC International Imaging
Limited (DMCii)
We are in a period of unprecedented
opportunities to observe the earth from
space. Our observation systems and
their capabilities are increasing and we are evolving
into a world where rapid multi-source and multi-sensor
usage is the norm. Insights into how will we manage
and what’s next.
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