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Manual of Airborne Topographic Lidar
Edited by Michael S. Renslow
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Manual of Airborne Topographic
covers all the relevant topics relating to the
science behind lidar systems, mission planning,
data collection and management, quality control/
quality assurance, and product development.
Selected topics are discussed in-depth
• The Global Navigation Satellite System
• Full Waveform Lidar
• Digital Terrain Modeling using GIS
• Rotary-Wing and Fixed-Wing Installations
• Calibration
• Flood Prone Area Mapping
• Hydro-enforcement
• Building Feature Extraction
• Transportation Engineering
• Natural Hazards Mapping
• Airport Surveying
500 pp. Hardcover & Kindle. 2012.
ISBN 1-57083-097-5
ISBN 1-57083-098-3
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