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November 2016
Lynx product line and complements the Optech Lynx SG and
SG-S models. The Lynx HS-600 will be available for delivery
in Q4 2016.
is pleased to announce
the release of its new Optech Polaris TLS
Series of tripod-mounted laser scanners,
which bridge the gap between small short-
range scanners and heavier long-range
Over three years in development, the
Polaris is a sensor designed by surveyors
for surveyors, based on Teledyne Optech’s
decades of lidar experience. Launching with
three distinct models at separate price points and a multitude
of options and features, the Polaris promises to bring Teledyne
Optech’s renowned lidar quality to all applications. Excellent
lidar quality paired with its robust, feature-rich Optech
ATLAScan software ensures that Polaris users will be able to
execute projects accurately and cost effectively.
The Polaris TLS Series will launch with three models, the
TLS-250, TLS-750 and TLS-1600, with deliveries beginning in
Q1 2017. The Polaris was formally unveiled at the INTERGEO
2016 Trade Fair and Conference.
Find out more at
An all-day seminar on Geoid will be held on December
at the
Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection
Authority – East
 in New Orleans.  The seminar with start
 presentations by Clifford Mugnier, CP, CMS,
FASPRS and by Dr. Josh Kent on the general topics of geoids
and observed subsidence rates, to be followed for the
of the day
 by Mr. Dave Zilkoski, the retired Director of the
National Geodetic Survey.  
 Certificates for CEU credits will be provided to all attendees,
and the entire seminar will be videotaped for future viewing
at the C4G website. There will be a small admission charge
to cover the cost of box lunches and to accommodate the
participation regulations of any attending Corps of Engineers
For more information, contact Clifford Mugnier
Too young to drive the car? Perhaps!
But not too young to be curious about
geospatial sciences.
The ASPRS Foundation was established to advance the under-
standing and use of spatial data for the betterment of humankind.
The Foundation provides grants, scholarships, loans and other
forms of aid to individuals or organizations pursuing knowledge of
imaging and geospatial information science and technology, and
their applications across the scientific, governmental, and
commercial sectors.
Support the Foundation, because when he is ready
so will we.
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