PE&RS March 2017 Public - page 165

Manual of Remote Sensing 4th Edition
Edited by Stanley Morain, Michael Renslow and Amelia Budge
New data acquisition systems and applications
Emerging technologies for data processing
Improved calibration and validation techniques
New ways for storing, archiving and accessing data
Innovative visualization techniques
Economic bene ts of remotely sensed data and information
Legal frameworks for major remote sensing nations
UAS used for counting Sandhill crane populations
3 frames from animated visualization of tsunami crossing the Paci c
Imagery from UAS used to develop
3-D point cloud and geovisualization
Common radiometric reference targets used to improve
sensor calibration
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onstration of the e-manual. Experience its
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The Manual is designed as an
-manual, a living document that facili-
tates easy updates, color graphics, live links to videos, animations, and
related online sites. The focus for all subjects is on advances in remote
sensing technologies in the 21st Century.
Advances in sensors and platforms
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