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May 2020
he goal of the Manual of Remote Sensing-4 was to create a more effective, affordable, and durable Man-
ual, and to broaden its scope to include economic and societal benefits. Effective in the sense that MRS-
4’s content could be found online as an enhanced e-book; affordable in the sense that content could be
retrieved by everyone on an annual subscription basis; and durable in the sense that it could be easily up-
dated as a “living” manual through fresh, contributor-driven and vetted material as technologies advance.
It does not reprise the extensive mathematical basis for remote sensing given in MRS-2, but instead focuses on system
designs; data processing, storage, and retrieval; and on societal applications. A key feature of this concept is to facil-
itate timely updates of cutting edge or new developments from a wide spectrum of sophisticated contributors facile
collectively with the technological, mathematical, and utilitarian aspects of Earth and space sciences.
Table of Contents
Stanley A. Morain, Michael S. Renslow, and Amelia M. Budge
Chapter 1: Fundamentals of Electromagnetic Radiation
Stanley A. Morain and Amelia M. Budge
Chapter 2: Sensors and Platforms
Charles K. Toth, Kenneth Jezek, Franz Meyer, Batuhan
Osmanoglu, Stanley A. Morain and Amelia M. Budge
Chapter 3: Selected 21
Century Remote Sensing Technologies
Stanley A. Morain, Shizuo Yamamoto, Mihail C. Roco, Chad
A. Mirkin, Mark C. Hersam, Yves Tourre, C. Vignolles and J-P.
Chapter 4: Unmanned Aerial Systems for Low-Altitude Remote
Costas Armenakis, Brandon Stark, Brendan Smith, YangQuan
Chen, Ravi A. Persad, Julien Li-Chee-Ming, Norbert Haala,
Michael Cramer, Jeff L. Sloan and Jill J. Cress
Chapter 5: Quality Assurance and Quality Control of Remote
Sensing Systems
Ayman Habib, Eija Honkavaara, Karsten Jacobsen, Ana Paula
Kersting, Zahra Lari, Aparajithan Sampath, Ahmed Shaker and
Wai Yeung Yan
Chapter 6: Archiving and Access Systems for Remote Sensing
John Faundeen, George Percivall, Shirley Baros, Peter
Baumann, Peter Becker, J. Behnke, Karl Benedict, Lucio
Colaiacomo, Liping Di, Chris Doescher, J. Dominguez, Roger
Edberg, Mark Ferguson, Stephen Foreman, David Giaretta,
Vivian B. Hutchison, Alex Ip, N.L. James, Siri Jodha S. Khalsa,
B. Lazorchak, Adam Lewis, Fuqin Li, Leo Lymburner, C.S.
Lynnes, Matt Martens, Rachel Melrose, Steve Morris, Norman
Mueller, Vivek Navale, Kumar Navulur, D.J. Newman, Simon
Oliver, Matthew Purss, H.K. Ramapriyan, Russ Rew, Michael
Rosen, John Savickas, Joshua Sixsmith, Tom Sohre, David Thau,
Paul Uhlir, Lan-Wei Wang and Jeff Young
Chapter 7: Image Processing and Analysis Methods
Sergio Bernardes, Marguerite Madden, Ike Astuti, Sergio
Bernardes, Emilio Chuvieco, David Cotten, Philip E. Dennison,
Iryna Dronova, Ioannis Gitas, Peng Gong, Belen Franch-
Gras, Matt Hancher, Akira Hirano, Allison Howard, Xuefei
Hu, Alfredo Huete, Thomas Jordan, Chris Justice, Rick L.
Lawrence, Linlin Lu, Marguerite Madden, Deepak R. Mishra,
Sachidananda Mishra, Tomoaki Miura, Giorgos Mountrakis,
Mahesh Pal, Caren Remillard, Dar A. Roberts, Jean-Claude
Roger, Kunwar K. Singh, Ben Somers, Dimitris Stavrakoudis,
Wanxiao Sun, Guoqing Sun, David Thau, Laurent Tits, E. Lynn
Usery, Eric Vermote, Cuizhen Wang, Mingshu Wang, Qihao
Weng, Wenjing Xu, Tian Yao, Hiroki Yoshioka, Lei Zhang,
Qingyuan Zhang and Zhi Zhang
Chapter 8: Societal Benefits - Methods and Examples for
Estimating the Value of Remote Sensing Information
Richard Bernknopf, David Brookshire, Molly Macauley, Guy
Jakeman, Yusuke Kuwayama, Holly Miller, Leslie Richardson
and Alan Smart
Chapter 9: Space Policy and Space Law
Joanne Gabrynowicz, Karen D. Dacres, Kevin O’Connell, Kevin
Pomfret and Timothy F. Robertson
Master Acronym/Abbreviations List
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