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The American Society for Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing
425 Barlow Place, Suite 210
Bethesda, Maryland 20814-2160

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Headquarters Staff

Administrative Staff:

Program Manager & Acting Executive Director
Jesse Winch
Extension/Voice Mail: x101
e-mail: Jesse Winch

Membership Staff:

Membership Manager/Conference Coordinator
Priscilla Weeks
Extension/Voice Mail: x109
e-mail: Priscilla Weeks

Accounting Staff:

Director of Finance
Contact Acting Executive Director, Jesse Winch

Communications Staff:


Director Publications
Rae Kelley
e-mail: Rae Kelley

Electronic Publications Manager/Graphic Designer
Matthew Austin
Extension/Voice Mail: x108
e-mail: Matthew Austin

Contracted & Support Staff

The list of staff members on the following tabs are outside of ASPRS Headquarters offices.

Contract Staff

PE&RS Editor-in-Chief
Alper Yilmaz
e-mail: Alper Yilmaz

PE&RS Assistant Editor
Dr. Jie Shan
e-mail: Jie Shan

PE&RS Technical Editor
Michael S. Renslow
e-mail: Mike Renslow

PE&RS Manuscript Coordinator

PE&RS Book Review Editor
Dr. Melissa Rura
Email: Dr. Melissa Rura

ASPRS Workshop Coordinator

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Membership x109
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Meeting Information x106
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Publications/Bookstore x108
PE&RS Subscriptions x109
PE&RS Advertising (214) 291-3653 or (214) 291-3652
PE&RS Editorial x107
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Calendar x108
General/Miscellaneous x101

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