The designation of Fellow is conferred on active Society members who have performed exceptional service in advancing the science and use of the mapping sciences (e.g. photogrammetry remote sensing surveying geographic information systems and related disciplines). It is awarded for pro­fessional excellence and for service to the Society.

Candidates are nominated by other active members recommended to the Fellows Committee and elected by the ASPRS Board of Directors. Nominations may be made by any active member of the Society except members of the Executive Committee. A member may nominate no more than two persons in any one year.

Nominees must be active members of the Society at the time of their nomination and must have been active members for a total of at least ten years. If there is any doubt about the eligibility of a prospective nominee write or telephone Membership Services ASPRS to obtain verification. The nominee must have made outstanding contributions in a recognized Society specialization whether in practice research development administration or education in the mapping sciences. Members of the Fellows Committee and the Executive Committee are ineligible for nomination.