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September 2014
Intergraph (ERDAS Inc.)
Norcross, Georgia
Member Since: 1/1985
Keystone Aerial Surveys, Inc.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Member Since: 1/1985
KLT Associates, Inc.
Peabody, Massachusetts
Member Since: 11/1993
Kucera International
Willoughby, Ohio
Member Since: 1/1992
Lead’Air, Inc.
(formerly Track’air BV)
Kissimmee, Florida
Member Since: 6/2001
Seattle, Washington
Member Since: 10/1997
Magnolia River Geospatial
(formerly Aeroquest Optimal, Inc./Optimal
Huntsville, Alabama
Member since: 2/2006
Martinez Geospatial, Inc. (MTZ)
Eagan, Minnesota
Member Since: 1/1979
MDA Information Systems LLC
(formerly MDA Federal Inc.)
Gaithersburg, Maryland
Member Since: 1/1993 (rejoined in 2011)
Merrick & Company
Greenwood Village, Colorado
Member Since: 4/1995
Michael Baker Jr., Inc.
Beaver, Pennsylvania
Member Since: 1/1950
Microsoft UltraCam Team (Vexcel Imaging,
Graz, Austria
Member Since: 6/2001
NASA Earth Science Division
Washington, DC
Member Since: 1/2001
NOAA National Geodetc Survey
Silver Spring, Maryland
Member Since: 7/2009
North West Group
Calgary, Canada
Member Since: 1/1998
NovAtel, Inc.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Member Since: 6/2013
NSTec, Remote Sensing Laboratory
Las Vegas, Nevada
Member Since: 7/2005
Observera, Inc.
Chantilly, Virginia
Member Since: 7/1995
Optech Incorporated
Toronto, Canada
Member Since: 1/1999
PANalytical NIR
(formerly ASD)
Boulder, Colorado
Member Since: 1/1998
Pickett & Associates, Inc.
Bartow, Florida
Member Since: 4/2007
Pictometry International Corp.
Rochester, New York
Member Since: 5/2003
QCoherent Software LLC
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Member Since: 9/2006
Quantum Spatial, Inc. (Quantum Spatial)
(formerly AeroMetric, Inc.)
Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Member Since: 1/1974
Riegl USA, Inc.
Orlando, Florida
Member Since: 11/2004
Robinson Aerial Survey, Inc. (RAS)
Hackettstown, New Jersey
Member Since: 1/1954
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Member Since: 9/1984
Science Applications International Corpora-
Mc Lean, Virginia
Member Since: 1/1987
SIMEPAR Institute of Technology
Member Since: 8/2013
The Sidwell Company
St. Charles, Illinois
Member Since: 1/1973
Spatial Information Solutions
Starkville, Mississippi
Member Since: 3/2010
Spectral Evolution
North Andover, Massachusetts
Member Since: 10/2010
Surdex Corporation
Chesterfield, Missouri
Member Since: 1/1979
Surveying and Mapping (SAM), Inc.
Austin, Texas
Member Since: 12/2005
Topcon Positioning Systems
Livermore, California
Member Since: 3/2010
Towill, Inc.
San Francisco, California
Member Since: 1/1952
U.S. Geological Survey
Reston, Virginia
Member Since: 4/2002
University of Twente/Faculty ITC
[formerly International Institute for Geo-In-
formation Science and Earth Observation
Enschede, Netherlands
Member Since: 1/1992
Urban Robotics, Inc.
Portland, Oregon
Member Since: 3/2008
USDA/National Agricultural Statistics Service
Fairfax, Virginia
Member Since: 6/2004
Visual Intelligence Systems, LP
Houston, Texas
Member Since: 4/2014
Wilson & Company, Inc., Engineers &
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Member Since: 3/2007
Wiser Company, LLC
Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Member Since: 7/1997
Woolpert LLP
Dayton, Ohio
Member Since: 1/1985
XEOS Imaging Inc.
Quebec, Canada
Member Since: 11/2003
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