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February 2015
Robinson currently uses a variety of technologies that help
enhance the photogrammetric process. For example, Low
Altitude Mapping Photography (LAMP) is a helicopter
based camera system. It utilizes both conventional and dig-
ital aerial mapping cameras. Some benefits of using Low
Altitude Mapping Photography are the slower forward
speed of the helicopter and the use of FMC (Forward Mo-
tion Compensation) allows for greater clarity in the photo-
graphic image over fixed-wing aircraft. The improved im-
age clarity allows for ground control points to be observed
much more closely than with conventionally flown photog-
raphy. This allows the control network to be held to a much
greater accuracy.
New Technologies
Figure 2.
Figure 3.
Robinson also utilizes LiDAR (Light Detection and Rang-
This airborne optical remote sensing technology
measures properties of scattered light to find range and/
or other information of a distant target. It utilizes laser
pulses to determine the distance to the surface. Similar
to radar technology, the range to an object is determined
by measuring the time delay between the transmission of
a pulse and the detection of the reflected signal. Some of
the benefits of the utilization of this technology are: flight
data acquisition can be accomplished during overcast con-
ditions or even at night, ability to collect large quantities
of coordinates, evaluate data quickly, and the ability to
“penetrate” dense foliage canop
(Figures 2 and 3).
Jack’s favorite place to fly is over New York City. He
photographed the World Trade Center and the Empire
State Building.
“Photography inNewYorkCitywas always
a challenge. The plane had to fly very close
to buildings in order to photograph the
— Jack
ViewFromThe Top
He recalled a takeoff from Andover, New Jersey, they
were on the runway when he saw smoke coming inside of
the aircraft, the next thing he felt was the pilot taking off
“That scared the hell out of me!”
— Jack (with a smile on his face)
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