PE&RS February 2015 - page 164

February 2015
3D Laser Mapping LTD
Bingham, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Member Since: 2/2010
Aerial Cartographics of America, Inc. (ACA)
Orland, Florida
Member Since: 10/1994
Aerial Services, Inc.
Cedar Falls, Iowa
Member Since: 5/2001
Aero-Graphics, Inc.
Salt Lake City, Utah
Member Since: 4/2009
AeroTech Mapping Inc.
Las Vegas, Nevada
Member Since: 8/2004
Aerovel Corporation
White Salmon, Washington
Member Since: 10/2014
Sophia Antipolis, Cedex, France
Member Since: 4/2014
The Airborne Sensing Corporation
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Member Since: 1/2013
AGFA Materials Corporation
Goose Creek, South Carolina
Member Since: 1/1990
Air Photographics, Inc.
Martinsburg, West Virginia
Member Since: 1/1973
Gainesville, Florida
Member Since: 2/2014
American Surveyor Magazine
Frederick, Maryland
Member Since: 12/2004
A Trimble Company
Ontario, Canada
Member Since: 7/1997
Axis GeoSpatial, LLC
Easton, Maryland
Member Since: 1/2005
Ayres Associates, Inc.
Madison, Wisconsin
Member Since: 1/1953
BAE Systems
San Diego, California
Member Since: 7/1995
BNP Media, Point of Beginning Magazine
(formally POB Magazine)
Troy, Michigan
Member Since: 7/2006
Bohannan Huston, Inc.
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Member Since: 11/1992
Cardinal Systems, LLC
Flagler Beach, Florida
Member Since: 1/2001
Certainty 3D LLC
Orlando, Florida
Member Since: 11/2012
North Adams, Massachusetts
Member Since: 1/1976
CompassData, Inc.
Centennial, Colorado
Member Since: 3/2014
CRC Press - Taylor & Francis Group
Boca Raton, Florida
Member Since: 9/2006
(formerly CH2M HILL)
Redding, California
Member Since: 1/1974
DAT/EM Systems International
Anchorage, Alaska
Member Since: 1/1974
Fairfax, Virginia
Member Since: 1/1985
Longmont, Colorado
Member Since: 7/1996
DMC International Imaging Ltd.
Guildford, Great Britain
Member Since: 3/2008
Dynamic Aviation Group, Inc.
Bridgewater, Virginia
Member Since: 4/2003
Eagle Mapping, Ltd
British Columbia, Canada
Member Since: 1/1999
Eastern Topographics
Wolfeboro, New Hampshire
Member Since: 8/1978
Elecnor Deimos Imaging
Boecillo - Valladolid, Spain
Member Since: 1/2014
Environmental Research Incorporated
Linden, Virginia
Member Since: 8/2008
Esri Research Institute, Inc.
Redlands, California
Member Since: 1/1987
Boulder, Colorado
Member Since: 1/1997
Flatdog Media, Inc./Professional Surveyor
(formally Reed Business-Geo)
Frederick, Maryland
Member Since: 1/1998
Fugro EarthData, Inc.
(formally EarthData, Inc.)
Frederick, Maryland
Member Since: 1/1994
Victoria, Bristish
Member Since: 12/2008
GEOconnexion International
Cambridge, United Kingdom
Member Since: 11/2011
GeoCue Corporation
(formerly NIIRS10, Inc.)
Madison, Alabama
Member Since: 10/2003
Geolas Consulting
Poing, Germany
Member Since:1/2002
Global Science & Technology, Inc.
Greenbelt, Maryland
Member Since: 10/2010
GRW Aerial Surveys, Inc.
Lexington, Kentucky
Member Since: 1/1985
HyVista Corporation
Castle Hill, Australia
Member Since: 3/2010
Fairfax, Virginia
Member Since: 2/2013
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