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array has 45 rows instead of 36 by copying the content of the
first nine rows to the end of the 36
row (to place 0 degrees
next to 359 degrees). Thus, seeing two peaks does not seem
strange because they are actually the same peak.
Figure 9 presents the overview of the test image dataset.
Figure 10, Figure 11, and Figure 12 present the matching result
of images in Figure 9a, Figure 9b, and Figure 9c, respectively.
Figure 10 is one example of images with large perspec-
tive effect; the voting result is shown on the right side. In the
image, the house is approximately twenty meters away from a
statue, thereby demonstrating a significantly varying parallax
from the foreground to the background. However, the peak of
the votes is outstanding, and the matching result is good.
Figure 11 shows the images of planar scenes viewed
obliquely; the images are graf-img1 and graf-img5 from the
The geometrical distortion of the image is large given that the
viewing angles are extremely different. Obviously, the peak
of votes for these two images spreads additional bins, thereby
indicating the scale and the rotation parameters of these two
Figure 9. Overview of the image data set.
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