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July 2016
venues including publications in
Photogrammetric Engineering
and Remote Sensing
) and numerous
reviews. He has sponsored/participated in workshops on Remote
Sensing of Wetlands in almost all ASPRS Annual Conferences
since 1984 including the GIS/LIS conference and at PECORA 18
in Sterling, VA He has presented numerous talks and chaired
sessions, as well as funding and staffing numerous exhibitor
booths at ASPRS Annual, Fall, and Regional meetings and PEC-
ORA Symposia 17 and 16, while also chairing technical sessions,
and presenting research, of which most were invited
Time and time again, Lunetta has sought out opportunities
to bring his and his colleague’s work into ASPRS venues He
co-lead the ground-breaking Landsat Pathfinder North Amer-
ican Landscape Characterization (NALC) Program of the
1990’s; he hosted peer reviews at ASPRS national meetings
in New Orleans and in Reno, where the famous Multi-Res-
olution Land Characterization (MRLC) or NLCD land cover
mapping and database consortium was initiated as a follow-on
to NALC He brought his leadership to bare on the GIS/LIS
series of meetings that were so successful for ASPRS leader-
ship in the mapping sciences Whenever he and his colleagues
have had seminal ideas to help the world, he has brought their
involvement into the ASPRS “tent”, helping demonstrate the
Society’s leadership worldwide.
The latest leadership opportunity was his co-organization
and co-sponsorship of the MultiTemp 2009 Symposium in
Connecticut for ASPRS He has successfully brought this pro-
gram to the United States twice in the last decade, and his
leadership was lauded at the Mississippi MultiTemp meeting
a few years back by Under Secretary of Commerce Admiral
Lautenbacher of NOAA. Interesting to note was his quiet nur-
turing of holding an ASPRS meeting with CASA in Ottawa;
he advocated it for a MultiTemp meeting and later the Society
saw the value and held their annual meeting in Ottawa.
All of this work has earned him recognitions from ASPRS
including: the 2004 ESRI Award for Best Scientific Paper in
Geographic Information Systems; in 1997 both the John I.
(L-r) Ross Lunetta and Lynn Usery.
Davidson President’s Award for Practical Papers and the ER-
DAS Award for Best Scientific Paper in Remote Sensing and
in 1992 and 1995, Certificates of Appreciation for Meritorious
Service He was elected to the 2008-2009 International Society
for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Co-Chair for Wet-
lands in the Working Group VIII/6 on Agriculture, Ecosys-
tems and Biodiversity.
ASPRS Fellow Award
Mostafa S. Madani
Mostafa S. Madani was, until recently, the Chief Technolo-
gy Officer (CTO) for Sanborn’s Mapping Division. He was re-
sponsible for establishing the company’s technical vision and
leading all aspects of the company’s technology development.
He used a blend of technologies to assist Sanborn in building
relationships with vendors, contractors, and external compa-
nies for all of its technology related initiatives.
Prior to joining Sanborn, he served as chief photogramme-
trist and product/industry manager for Z/I Imaging, a division
of Intergraph Corporation. He was responsible for directing
and driving the overall operational concept and the feature
requirements for the ImageStation line of analytical and dig-
ital photogrammetry applications (VAX, Unix, and Windows
Operating Systems). In addition, he managed all aspects of
photogrammetry product planning including ROI and market
analysis and evaluation of customers’ requirements.
He did intensive work on the Digital Mapping Camera (DMC)
and RMK D (medium format digital camera) calibrations and
provided a concept for QC/QA of the GPS/INS data in aerial tri-
angulation. He has published over 55 technical papers.
He worked as a Surveyor and taught Surveying at the Col-
lege of Civil Engineering for several years. While teaching at
the Civil Engineering Department, University of Science and
Technology, Tehran, Iran, he published a book on Surveying,
in Persian.
He is affiliated with a number of national and internation-
al professional societies such as ASPRS and ISPRS. He is the
co-chair of ISPRS WG I/3 and a member of the ISPRS Science
Advisory and Scholarship Committees.
Madani earned a B.S. in Physics from the University of
Tehran, Iran M. Eng. From the College of Surveying, Tehran,
Iran, and an M.S. and Ph.D. from the Department of Geo-
detic Science and Surveying, The Ohio State University and
has been an active member of ASPRS since 1978. He edited
papers for several years as Associate Technical Edi-
tor and contributed to
as well. Madani served on the
PDAD Camera Calibration Committee and he is one of the
authors and editors of the
Manual of Photogrammetry
, Fifth
and Sixth Editions.
Started in 1992, the designation of Fellow is con-
ferred on Society members who have been active for at least ten
years and who have performed exceptional service in advanc-
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