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July 2016
ing the science and use of the mapping sciences and related
disciplines. It is awarded for professional excellence and for
service to the Society.
The ASPRS Foundation
The ASPRS Fellow Award includes a hand-engrossed certificate.
Presidential Citations
Stewart Walker
for his continued leadership of the Streamlining Task Force
that now is working on implementation of our new bylaws and
operating procedures.
Al Stevens
for his exceptional service to the Awards Program and accep-
tance and testing of the changes to the awards this year.
Jesse Winch
for his exceptional service to the Awards Program and accep-
tance and testing of the changes to the awards this year.
Jessica Fayne
for her work on the Awards Program including developing
and stewarding a new application and review process.
Jerry Lencowski
for his leadership of the IGTF 2016 Planning and Organizing
Raad Saleh
Demetrio Zourourakis
for their diligent work on the IGTF 2016 Planning and Orga-
nizing Committee.
Becky Morton
for her leadership of the Value Proposition Task Force.
Bandana Karr and David Perkins
organizing and producing Frontier Day
First awarded in 1992, Presidential Citations are
presented by the ASPRS President to members of ASPRS and
other societies, family members, and friends in recognition of
special, personal, and meritorious contributions to the opera-
tion or advancement of the Society and its interests during the
presidential year.
The ASPRS Foundation
The Presidential Citation is a hand-engrossed certificate.
ASPRS Outstanding Service Award
Russ Congalton
for his excellent editorship and dedication to
and his
continued service during our search for a replacement.
Cliff Mugnier
for his column Grids and Datums in
and his dedication to ASPRS.
Established in 1991, The Outstanding Service
Award is given to Society members in recognition of outstand-
ing and unusual efforts in helping ASPRS develop and carry
out its program over a sustained period. Recipients have per-
formed outstanding service at the chapter, regional, or nation-
al level. Awardees’ service includes any activities, including
professional, that have helped the Society achieve its goals and
The ASPRS Foundation
The Outstanding Service Award consists of a bronze plaque.
Robert E. Altenhofen Memorial Scholarship
Chisaphat Supunyachotsakul
Ms. Chisaphat Supunyachotsakul is a doctoral candidate at
Purdue University, Civil Engineering/Geomatics, with a focus
on lidar feature extraction She has an extremely strong back-
ground in photogrammetry and geomatics Last year, she was
the recipient of a prestigious internship at NASA Goddard
Space Flight Center to study lidar for NASA applications.
First given in 1986, the Robert E. Altenhofen Me-
morial Scholarship is intended to encourage and commend
college students who display exceptional interest and ability in
the theoretical aspects of photogrammetry.
The ASPRS Foundation. This award was originally
established by Mrs. Helen Altenhofen as a memorial to her
husband, Robert E. Altenhofen, past president of ASPRS.
He was an outstanding practitioner of photogrammetry and
made notable contributions to the mathematical aspects of the
The Altenhofen Scholarship consists of a monetary award of
$2,000 and a hand-engrossed certificate.
(L-r) Lynn Usery and Chisaphat Supunyachotsakul.
Awards & Scholarships
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