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July 2016
record of military service reaching the rank of Rear Admiral,
and prominent roles in private industry and as a consultant
for many U.S. and international agencies. Among the many
awards bestowed upon him, Dr. Colwell had the distinction of
being one of the 25 Honorary Members of ASPRS.
Established in 2006 to encourage and commend col-
lege/university graduate students or post-doctoral researchers
who display exceptional interest, desire, ability, and aptitude
in the field of remote sensing or other related geospatial infor-
mation technologies, and who have a special interest in devel-
oping practical uses of these technologies.
The ASPRS Foundation, from funds donated by
students, associates, colleagues and friends of Robert N.
The Award now consists of a grant of $6,500.
The DigitalGlobe Foundation Award
Rachel Hackett
Rachel Hackett is a Ph.D. student at Central Michigan Uni-
versity in the Earth and Ecosystem Science Program, with
focused interests in UAV Remote sensing, botany, and field
research. Hackett has been selected to receive a Digital Globe
Foundation data grant for her proposal related to her grad-
uate research work, titled “ Relationships Between Overall
Prairie Fen Biodiversity and Vegetation Patch Dynamics:
A Comparison of Remote Sensing Technologies.” Hackett is
an outstanding, published student scientist who has already
written and received numerous grants and awards, and who
received the highest accolades from her sponsoring academic
committee members. Her promising research will investigate
the use of high spatial-resolution imagery, acquired through
different remote sensing platforms, for studying prairie fen
diversity. This research has both scientific merit, as it will
benefit ecological theories, and practical applicability, as it
will also guide wetland managers on their future use of ap-
plied remote sensing data sources.
TThe Award was established in 1991 In 2001 it became
known as the Space Imaging Award for the Application of
High Resolution Digital Satellite Imagery, in 2006 it became
The GeoEye Award and in 2013 became the DigitalGlobe
Foundation Award.
To support remote sensing education and stimu-
late the development of applications of high-resolution digital
satellite remote sensing data through the granting of Digital-
Globe imagery for applied research by undergraduate or grad-
uate students.
The DigitalGlobe Foundation through the ASPRS
William A. Fischer Memorial Scholarship
Lyndsay Rankin
Lyndsay Rankin, currently a Ph.D. student in Ecology at
Northern Illinois University has been selected to receive the
2016 William A. Fischer Memorial Scholarship. Rankin is
being presented this award in recognition of her innovative
academic accomplishments, significant analytical skills, and
impressive record of research. Rankin has clearly demonstrat-
ed the ability to combine her significant field and laboratory
skills to answer important ecological questions. Her current
research will be one of the first to connect terrestrial nutri-
ent dynamics unique to seabird islands to nearshore environ-
ments utilizing advanced remote sensing technologies. Her
work exhibits the kind of innovation William Fischer would
have wanted recognized and the results of her dissertation re-
search clearly holds significant promise to better understand
land-water interaction and the impacts of these interactions
on both land and marine species
The committee congratulations Rankin on her accomplish-
ments and we are confident that her current and future re-
search efforts will continue to make important contributions
to the global community.
The committee congratulations Ms. Rankin on her accom-
plishments and we are confident that her current and future
research efforts will continue to make important contribu-
tions to the global community.
The William A. Fischer Scholarship facilitates grad-
uate studies and career goals of a worthy student adjudged to
address new and innovative uses of remote sensing data and
techniques that relate to the natural, cultural, or agricultural
resources of the Earth. It was established in 1984.
(L-r) Lynn Usery and accepting for Rachel Hackett is Mary Latiolais,
Director of the ASPRS GIS Division.
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