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July 2016
The ASPRS Foundation through individual and
corporate contributions in memory of William A. Fischer.
The William A. Fischer Memorial Scholarship consists of a
hand-engrossed certificate and a monetary award of $2,000.
Leica Scholarship
(formerly the Z/I Imaging Scholarship)
Caren Remillard
Caren Remillard is a University of Georgia doctoral student
in geography, GIS, and remote sensing. Her graduate re-
search applies photogrammetry and remote sensing data in
novel ways to explore complex environmental questions. One
of her main research goals is to identify areas that possess
high potential for restoring forest connectivity between frag-
mented regions of critical forest habitats. She is interested
in integrating new image processing techniques for improved
land cover classifications to extract the most accurate and
valuable information from remotely sensed data. By incorpo-
rating multiple datasets and environmental variables into an
innovative geospatial model, she hopes to improve upon pre-
vious management strategies. In the future, she would like to
expand this research into a career as a professor and scientist
using remote sensing for environmental conservation. Her
research incorporates NASA satellite imagery and geospatial
technologies to produce maps and quantitative information
regarding historical and current conditions of the habitat of
the Cotton-top tamarin, one of the most endangered primates
in the world. One of her ongoing research objectives is devel-
oping and refining a multi-input and weighted GIS model
designed to identify suitable forest habitat for conservation
using freely available remote sensing data.
The Leica Scholarship is designed to facilitate
graduate-level studies and career goals adjudged to address
new and innovative uses of signal processing, image process-
ing techniques, and the application of photogrammetry to re-
al-world techniques within the earth imaging industry.
Leica Geosystems though the ASPRS Foundation.
The Leica Scholarship consists of a $2,000 cash prize and a
hand-engrossed certificate.
Francis H. Moffitt Memorial Scholarship
Tara Mullen
Tara Mullen is a junior at the University of Maine, Orono,
majoring in Surveying Engineering Technology. She is the
past winner of the Warner M. Plummer Scholarship and the
E.N. Roberts Scholarship both offered by the New Hampshire
Land Surveyors Association. She earned an Associate’s degree
from the University of New Hampshire’s Thompson School of
Applied Science in Applied Science in Civil Technology with
a concentration in Surveying and Mapping and graduated
Summa Cum Laude. This level of academic excellence is con-
tinuing with her current degree work. She has completed two
research projects, one involving the intersection of geospatial
data and sustainability and the other including the design
of a full plan set and subdivision design presented to the lo-
cal planning board. Mullen has been an active volunteer and
mentor to other students. She is a member of the “Engineers
Without Borders” student chapter, has served as a teaching
assistant, a math tutor and tutored surveying for civil tech-
nology and forestry programs. She has also been an active
member of the New Hampshire Outing Club, organizing and
leading hikes and first aid training, as well as serving as a
summer coordinator. She has worked as a surveying intern
where, as one of her references noted, “she tenaciously battled
through hot days on insect-infested, briar-thick sites with no
complaint” and her office work has been exemplary.
She is a current Surveyor-in-Training in New Hampshire
and plans to become a fully licensed Land Surveyor and Cer-
tified Photogrammetrist and plans to pursue a career in aerial
The Moffitt Scholarship was first presented in 2008
with the purpose of encouraging upper-division, undergradu-
ate-level and graduate-level college students to pursue a course
(L-r) Lynn Usery and Caren Remillard.
(L-r) Lynn Usery and Tara Mullen.
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