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July 2016
the Annual Meeting. Additional nominations may be
made by a nominating letter signed by no fewer than
250 voting members of the Society to be received by
the Executive Director no later than fourteen weeks
prior to the Annual Meeting. Each candidate shall
submit a biographical sketch and a photograph, to be
received by the Executive Director no later than thir-
teen weeks prior to the Annual Meeting.
4. The Governance Committee shall certify that all
nominees are qualified, willing to serve, and meet
the requirements set forth in these Bylaws before the
announcement of nominees. Nominees may not be
candidates for Vice President and any other Board po-
sition simultaneously.
b. Technical Division Directors
The Assistant Technical Division Director shall normal-
ly succeed to the office of Technical Division Director.
Nominees for Assistant Technical Division Director and/
or Technical Division Director (if position has no succes-
sor) shall be determined by Technical Division operating
procedures, as published in the Society’s Operating Pro-
cedures. Their names, biographical data and photographs
shall be forwarded to the Executive Director no later than
thirteen weeks before the Annual Meeting, so that they
may be included in the election ballot. An Assistant Tech-
nical Division Director and/or Technical Division Director
(if position has no successor) shall be elected by a plural-
ity of members voting.
c. Vice President and Technical Division Directors Election
1. The Executive Director shall be responsible for trans-
mitting to all qualified voting members at least ten
weeks before the Annual Meeting the election ballot
accompanied by biographical data, photographs, and
clear and complete instructions for the balloting pro-
cedure. The ballot shall also contain any proposals re-
quiring a vote by the membership. Ballots may be cast
electronically or by mail.
2. Ballots cast electronically must be submitted before
12:00 p.m. Eastern Time of the twenty-first day prior to
the Annual Meeting. Member status is required to vote.
3. Ballots cast by mail must be received at Society head-
quarters before 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time of the twen-
ty-first day prior to the Annual Meeting. The com-
pleted mail ballot shall be unsigned and sealed in an
envelope showing on the outside the member’s name,
written or printed, to determine eligibility to vote.
4. Election tellers, appointed and informed of their du-
ties by the President, shall record the ballots cast and
submit a report to the President twenty days before
the Annual Meeting, so that the President may notify
the candidates of the outcome nineteen days prior to
the Annual Meeting.
5. A tie vote shall be decided by a majority vote of the
Directors present at a duly convened Board meeting.
d. Councils’ Representation on the Board of Directors
The Corporate Members, Early-Career Professionals, Re-
gion Officers, Student Advisory and Technical Division
Directors Councils each shall elect a Chair who serves on
the Board of Directors.
1. The Councils shall each have an election process for
the Chair, published in the Society’s Operating Proce-
dures. The Corporate Members Council has members,
which are organizations that vote but vest the repre-
sentative responsibility to an individual who may or
may not be an Individual Member of ASPRS. Each
Council shall ensure that its Council’s membership
has an opportunity to nominate candidates. At the
time of nomination all candidates shall be individual
members or corporate member representatives of the
2. Elections shall be by ballot. The Council’s Chair shall
be elected by a plurality of the members of the Council
Voting is restricted to members of the Society or Cor-
porate Members’ representatives.
3. The name, biographical data and photograph of the
elected Chair shall be submitted to the Executive Di-
rector not later than forty days prior to the Annual
Meeting of the Society.
Section 10. Terms of Office
a. Each Elective Officer and new Council Chair shall take
office during the Annual Meeting of the Society and shall
serve until the successor is duly elected and installed at
the appropriate Annual Meeting. A Council Chair may
not serve two consecutive terms in the same office except
as provided for elsewhere in the Bylaws.
b. The term for Assistant Technical Division Directors shall
be two years. Assistant Technical Division Directors au-
tomatically accede to the Technical Division Director po-
sition for another two year term.
c. The term for Council Chair shall be two years, except for
the Student Advisory Council, which shall be one year.
One year is defined as the time between two annual meet-
d. Incomplete terms of any Elective or Appointed Officer
may be filled for the balance of the term by a Presiden-
tial appointee approved by the Board of Directors at any
regular or special meeting. Incomplete terms of Technical
Division Directors, Assistant Technical Division Direc-
tors and Council Chairs shall be filled in accordance with
the respective procedures for the Technical Division or
Council, as published in the Society’s Operating Proce-
e. On any other occasion when a position cannot be filled by
procedures defined within these Bylaws or the Society’s
Operating Procedures, the President may appoint an in-
dividual to the position with the concurrence of the Board
of Directors.
ASPRS Bylaws
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