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July 2016
Section 1. Definition
Regions shall function as administrative sub-elements of
the Society and provide a forum for local interaction among
members, face-to-face meetings, and interaction with regional
companies and organizations in the geospatial industry. All
Society members shall be members of a Region based on the
geographic location of a mailing address, submitted by the
member for purposes of receipt of the journal and other So-
ciety correspondence, or an alternative region of their choice.
No member may have membership in more than one Region.
Section 2. Boundaries
Region boundaries shall be established along State and/or
county (or their equivalent) boundary lines. Foreign areas
may be allocated to Regions to ensure opportunity for all
members to participate in Region activities. The Executive
Director shall maintain and publish a current file and map of
all approved Region boundaries and list of members of each
Section 3. Establishing Regions
Modification of existing Region boundaries to establish a new
or different Region, or to change the geographical areas of two
or more existing Regions, shall be requested by the Region
Officers Council, require approval of the Board of Directors
by a two-thirds vote of the Directors present at a duly con-
vened Board meeting, and shall be compliant with the laws of
the Commonwealth of Virginia. A request for a Charter for a
new or modified Region shall be presented to the Board of Di-
rectors by the Region Officers Council and must be approved
by a plurality of the Council members voting. The number
of those voting to request a new or modified region must be
at least 20% of the affected Regions’ membership. The Char-
ter request shall include proposed boundary lines, along with
written approvals of the Regions whose boundaries would be
affected and shall be presented to the ASPRS Board of Direc-
tors by the Region Officers Council.
Section 4. Dissolution
Dissolution of a Region shall be initiated by the Regions Offi-
cers Council. Regions shall be dissolved and their charters re-
scinded by a two-thirds vote of the Directors present at a duly
convened Board meeting. Members of dissolved regions shall
become members of a newly formed Region or by selection of
an alternative Region, as described above.
Section 5. Financing
Funds required for Region activities shall be part of the an-
nual budget submission by the Region Officers Council to the
Executive Director for the annual budget planning cycle. That
submission shall include the input from each Region. Regions’
requests shall be reviewed by the Board of Directors. Funding
approved shall be provided from the Society budget. Regions
shall not act in the name of the Society without the prior con-
sent of the Society, nor incur financial obligations for the So-
ciety. Regions may conduct meetings, symposia, and collect
registration fees to support such activities.
Section 6. Operations
Regions shall adopt bylaws, policies and procedures as nec-
essary to carry out the objectives of the Society in accordance
with these Bylaws and the Society’s policies. Each Region shall
elect Region Officers, appoint committees and form and su-
pervise Chapters, as defined in Article VI, as needed. Regions
shall report to the Executive Director and the Region Officers
Council, within three weeks of their elections, the names of all
elected officials and appointed committee chairs. Region elect-
ed officials shall be members of both the Society and the Region
of membership as determined by Section 1 of this Article.
Section 7. Functions
Regions shall provide a forum for their members to consid-
er technical and professional matters of Region concern. This
may include cooperation with regional entities of related
scientific, technical, or professional associations or organiza-
tions, or with educational institutions. A Region may estab-
lish formal operating relationships with such entities subject
to approval of the Board of Directors, but shall not incur any
financial obligations in the name of the Society.
Section 8. Support to the Society
a. Regions shall provide support to the Society by:
1. Electing the Region president and vice president to
administer the Region;
2. Selecting two Region members (typically, but not nec-
essarily, the president and vice president) to serve on
the Region Officers Council of the Society.
3. Developing regional position statements and prepar-
ing recommendations relating to Society policies, tech-
nical matters, education, legislation and other perti-
nent matters, and actively participating in the Society
planning process. Regions shall not, however, issue
resolutions or statements of policy for the Society, or
act on matters of national importance without specific
approval of the Board of Directors.
4. Developing concepts for Society technical meetings,
workshops and seminars within the Region.
5. Proposing, preparing and sponsoring preparation of
technical articles and other publications for the Soci-
ety publications program.
b. The Region officers shall assure coordination of Region ac-
tivities with Society’s Operating Procedures.
ASPRS Bylaws
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