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July 2016
Section 1. Definition
Chapters shall be sub-elements of Regions, established as
necessary by the Regions to improve Society support to their
members and to encourage local participation in Society activ-
ities. All Chapter members shall be members in good standing
of the Society and members of the Region hosting the Chapter.
Section 2. Establishing Chapters
Regions shall determine their need for establishment of Chap-
ters and shall operate them in accordance with Region Bylaws
after a charter for each Chapter is issued by the Region’s of-
ficers. At least five members of the Region, who are students,
and one Member Faculty Advisor at a host institution, must
indicate their intent to participate in a Student Chapter be-
fore a charter can be issued. For other non-student Chapters,
at least ten members must indicate intent to participate in a
Chapter, based upon some local geography or affinity of in-
terest. The Region shall send the Region Officers Council and
the Executive Director a copy of the petition signed by the
required number of members and a copy of the Chapter By-
laws. Those Chapter Bylaws shall be approved by the Region’s
officers prior to the charter being issued.
Student Chapters may also be established at large by direct
charter of the Society if support at the Region level is unavail-
able, in which case a surrogate host region shall be selected
by mutual consent of the Student Chapter and the surrogate
host region.
Section 3. Dissolution
Chapters shall be dissolved in accordance with the Region
Bylaws and their charters rescinded by a two-thirds vote of
the Region’s officers. Notification of the dissolution should be
provided to the Region Officers Council.
Section 1. Definition
Technical Divisions shall be used to organize and direct the
technical, scientific and professional activities of the Society.
Section 2. Establishing Technical Divisions
Technical Divisions shall be established by a two-thirds vote
of the Directors present at a duly convened Board meeting,
based on a proposal and at the recommendation of the Tech-
nical Division Directors Council. Evidence shall be included
showing that the specified area of interest has been actively
pursued by a committee or working group of the Society for a
period of at least one year.
Section 3. Dissolution
Dissolution of Technical Divisions shall be initiated by the
Technical Divisions’ Council. Technical Divisions shall be dis-
solved upon a two-thirds vote of the Directors present at a
duly convened Board meeting if:
a. A desirable level of activity as determined by the Board of
Directors is not maintained, and/or
b. The Technical Division no longer represents an area of
technical, scientific or professional interest.
Section 4. Officers and their Responsibilities
Each Technical Division shall have, as a minimum, a Tech-
nical Division Director and Assistant Technical Division Di-
rector elected by the membership of the Society in accordance
with Article IV of these Bylaws. The Assistant Technical Di-
vision Director shall serve in the capacity of the Technical Di-
vision Director in his/her absence. The duties of the Technical
Division Director are, as a minimum:
a. Development and maintenance of a strategic plan for the
Technical Division, and the supervision of its activation;
b. Preparation and presentation of periodic reports, in oral or
written format, to the Board of Directors, which show the
status of program activities;
c. Submission of an annual written report to the Technical
Divisions Council, which forwards it to the Executive Di-
rector and the President for the membership of the Society,
to include an assessment of progress within the Technical
Division’s sphere of interest;
d. Preparation and maintenance of Technical Division oper-
ating procedures, for inclusion in the Society’s Operating
Procedures, providing a current copy for file with the Ex-
ecutive Director;
e. Representation of the Technical Division on the Technical
Division Directors Council; and
f. If elected Chair of the Technical Division Directors Coun-
cil, serve on the Board of Directors.
Section 5. Operations
As needed, Technical Divisions shall organize working groups
and other appropriate organizational subdivisions as neces-
sary to carry forward the work of the Society in their sphere
of interest. Joint working groups among Technical Divisions
may be organized to permit effective action on issues of com-
mon interest. The chair of the Technical Division Directors
Council shall be apprised of establishing or dissolving these
subdivisions for reporting purposes.
Section 6. Membership
All members of the Society shall be given opportunities to in-
dicate and/or to modify their choice of the Technical Divisions
in which they wish to participate. A member may affiliate
with any or all of the Technical Divisions of interest to the
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