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July 2016
Section 5. Responsibilities of the Secretary
The Secretary shall record the Society’s business conducted at
all formal meetings and assure preservation of those records
for the Executive Director.
Section 6. Absence of Executive Director, Secre-
tary, or Treasurer
During the absence of, or in the event of the disability of, the
Executive Director, the Secretary, or the Treasurer, the Pres-
ident with approval of the Board of Directors shall designate
a temporary alternate to serve in an acting capacity until a
successor is appointed.
Section 1. Society
a. There shall be an Annual Meeting of the Society, at a time
and place approved by the Board of Directors, for installa-
tion of Officers, Technical Division Directors and Assistant
Technical Division Directors, and the Board of Directors,
and the conduct of Society business. Notice of such meeting
shall be given by the Executive Director in a publication of
the Society to reach the membership no fewer than 60 days
prior to the date of the meeting.
b. Special Meetings of the Society may be called by the Presi-
dent with a majority approval of the Board of Directors, or
by the President upon the written request of five percent of
the voting members of the Society. The Executive Director
shall notify members, at least 15 days in advance, of the
time, place, and subjects to be considered.
c. A quorum for the transaction of business at an Annual or
Special Meeting of the Society shall be 10 percent of the
membership eligible to vote. The presiding officer may
adjourn the meeting from time to time until a quorum is
d. Other meetings of the Society in the form of symposia, con-
ferences, conventions or others for the principal purpose of
exchanging information may be held with the approval of
the Board of Directors. Such meetings may be cosponsored
with other organizations having kindred interests, and
shall be widely advertised in Society publications. Normal-
ly, an Annual Conference shall be convened at the time of
the Society Annual Meeting, and at least one other Society
meeting, which may be virtual, shall be held at a location
other than that of the Annual Conference.
Section 2. Board of Directors
a. The Board of Directors shall normally meet four times
each calendar year. The Board shall also meet upon call
of the President or upon demand of a majority of its mem-
bers. Notice of meetings with the agenda shall be sent to
all Board members to be received at least ten days in ad-
vance of the meeting.
Section 2. Responsibilities of the Elective Officers
The President shall have supervision of the affairs of the Soci-
ety, presiding at all Annual and Special Meetings of the Soci-
ety and meetings of the Board of Directors. In addition to the
responsibilities stated in Article IV, the President-Elect and
the Vice President shall assist the President as necessary and
shall, in the absence of the President, assume the duties of the
President, in succession. Detailed guidelines for the respon-
sibilities of the Elective Officers are provided in the Society’s
Operating Procedures.
Section 3. Responsibilities of the Executive Director
a. The Executive Director shall be responsible for the admin-
istration and management of the Society subject to policy
guidance of the Board of Directors through the President.
b. The Executive Director shall be responsible for the finan-
cial arrangements of the Society subject to policy guidance
of the Board of Directors through the President and Trea-
c. The Executive Director shall have responsibility for em-
ploying, directing, and evaluating the performance of the
salaried staff of the Society and for operation of Society
d. The Executive Director shall develop plans, programs,
projects and operating procedures to further the organi-
zation and effectiveness of the Society; shall serve as the
primary point of contact for the Society with its various
components and with other organizational entities and af-
filiates; and shall insure administrative support for Soci-
ety Officers, the Board of Directors, Councils, Committee
Chairpersons, and Conference Directors.
e. The Executive Director shall arrange for and give timely
notice of all Annual and Special Meetings of the Society
and the Board of Directors, recording all proceedings and
maintaining custody of correspondence and records with
the help of the Secretary as defined in Section 5 below. The
Executive Director shall prepare:
1. An annual report for presentation to the Society, and
2. Other reports as may be requested by the President
and the Board of Directors.
Section 4. Responsibilities of the Treasurer
a. The Treasurer shall oversee the financial policies of AS-
PRS. The Treasurer shall ensure that the accounts of the
Society are audited annually by a Certified Public Accoun-
tant. The Treasurer shall chair the Audit Committee. The
result of the audit shall be reported to the Board of Direc-
tors and made available upon request to Society members.
b. The Treasurer shall issue an oral or written report for
each Board of Directors Meeting describing the status of
Society’s finances and make recommendations.
ASPRS Bylaws
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