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July 2016
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the Teledyne Optech and GeoShack teams creates an exciting
opportunity for our customers. It allows us to deliver solutions
which provide maximum value and a superior experience.”
Mr. Albert Iavarone, Teledyne Optech Business Unit
Manager, stated, “We are very pleased to enter into this new
relationship with GeoShack, a veteran distributor in the
industry. GeoShack’s tenure and reputation in the industry as
one of the most established and trusted distribution companies
in North America make them an ideal partner for Teledyne
Optech. In addition, GeoShack’s outstanding end-user support,
unique marketing capabilities and logistics abilities make
them an ideal partner for increasing sales of our products in
North America.”
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RT (reflectance/transmit-
tance) sphere measures reflectance and transmittance. When
used with a PSR+ field spectroradiometer, researchers can
reach a better understanding of leaf characteristics, spectral
red edge shift, and plant stress indicators.
Healthy and stressed leaves tend to show only slightly
different characteristics in the 400-500nm range as opposed
to more prominent features between 695-725nm that can
provide a very useful indication of leaf stress and therefore
plant stress. An increase in reflectance and transmittance and
a decrease in absorption can be a sign of chlorophyll reduction
in the plant that could be due to insufficient water, pests, over
fertilization, flooding, herbicide misuse, elevated ozone and
CO2, or other plant stressors.
The RT sphere allows you to collect all diffuse light
reflected from a sample – measuring total hemispherical
reflectance. You can measure reflectance and transmittance
and calculate absorption. A specular light trap is included
for specular subtraction. The RT sphere is connected to the
PSR+ spectroradiometer via an SMA-905 connector. Power
can be supplied either independently or from the PSR+.
Sample holders are easy to use and secure for reflectance and
transmittance measurements.
The PSR+ is a high resolution, high sensitivity field
spectroradiometer covering the full UV/VIS/NIR range from
350-2500nm. Like all our spectroradiometers, the PSR+
includes DARWin SP Data Acquisition software with pull down
menus for 19 vegetation indices. All spectra and associated
data are saved as ASCII files for use with third party analysis
For more information on the RT sphere and the PSR+, visit
Measurement and analysis of snow and
ice with
Spectral Evolutions
PSR+ field
spectroradiometer can provide important
information for environmental, hydrological and
climactic research.
With a PSR+ researchers can:
• Accurately measure albedo
• Estimate snow properties
• Identify different types of snow and ice
• Measure contaminants and their effect
• Improve snow cover mapping
• Estimate timing and magnitude of snow melt
• Examine glacier characteristics and glacier change
The PSR+ takes fast, accurate and repeatable scans. This
unit is built for field work with all photodiode array design
and no moving optical parts. The PSR+ features auto-shutter,
auto-exposure, and auto-dark correction for easy one-touch
DARWin SP Data Acquisition software is included with all
Spectral Evolution spectrometers and spectroradiometers and
automatically saves all scans and associated data as ASCII
For more information, visit
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