PE&RS July 2016 Public - page 542

Figure 9. Comparison between detected building roofs and reference data building: (a) Aboveground disparity map generated base on
RMAD technique, (b) Detected building roofs based on the aboveground disparity information, and (c) The reference data for building roofs.
Figure 10. Disparity maps generated through conventional interpolation and normalization processes: (a) The left epipolar VHR image,
(b) The disparity map after gap-filling interpolation, (c) Terrain disparity extracted by local minima technique, and (d) Normalized disparity
achieved by subtracting (c) from (b).
Figure 11. Results of building detection using conventional techniques: (a) Aboveground disparity map generated using RFM-based epipo-
larity model and normalized using local-minima-based technique, (b) Detected building roofs, and (c) Reference dataset.
July 2016
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