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October 2017
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pleased to announce that
Chief Scientist Dr. Viktor
Feygels attended the Oceans
17 MTS/IEEE in Anchorage,
Alaska and presented results
from Optech CZMIL Coastal
Zone Mapping and Imaging
Lidar’s survey of the Great
Pacific Garbage Patch, a
large concentration of plastic
debris covering hundreds of
thousands of square kilometers in the north Pacific.
Dr. Feygel’s presentation, co-written with members of
Teledyne Optech’s Marine group and in collaboration with Julia
Reisser of The Ocean Cleanup Foundation and Yuri Kopilevich
of ITMO University, was titled “Coastal Zone Mapping and
Imaging Lidar (CZMIL) Participation in The Ocean Cleanup’s
Aerial Expedition Project”. During the presentation, Dr. Feygels
showed how the CZMIL flewhundreds of kilometers to create the
first-ever aerial lidar and shortwave infrared survey of the Patch.
By counting the number of large pieces of debris and calculating
their 3D volume, CZMIL is helping The Ocean Cleanup team
to estimate the total weight of the items in the Patch. This
provides critical intelligence for designing the equipment that
The Ocean Cleanup team plans to use to remove the debris from
the Pacific Ocean. By deploying Teledyne Optech’s multi-sensor
CZMIL lidar system and advanced algorithms for this project,
the Aerial Expedition takes an important step on the long path
to cleaner oceans.
Find out more at
Water stress has an impact on a plant’s photosynthetic
performance and the severity decides whether or not a plant can
recover from damage inflicted with additional irrigation.
The PSR+ is a high resolution/high sensitivity field
spectroradiometer covering the full UV/VIS/NIR range from
350-2500nm. It is a rugged, field portable instrument with all
solid state photodiode arrays and no moving parts for reliable
operation. The PSR+ provides auto-shutter, auto-exposure and
auto-dark correction for one-touch operation. It can be equipped
with both direct attach lenses and fiber mount FOV lenses.
It is available with a range of accessories including contact
probe, Miniprobe, pistol grip, benchtop probe and leaf clip. For
measuring leaf water stress the unique leaf clip is an invaluable
resource. The leaf clip has a pushbutton trigger and a separate
tungsten halogen illuminator that rail mounts to the PSR+ -
keeping heat away from your sample during measurement to
prevent burnout. An integral swing-away reflectance panel
provides for convenient reference measurements.
A researcher can use the leaf clip to measure leaf water stress
in situ. The resulting spectra can show the primary water
kilometers of the Great Pacific Garbage
Patch aboard Ocean Force One.
absorption feature wavelengths for analysis of water stress:
760,970,1200,1450 and 1950 nanometers. Changes in the red
edge that indicate water stress (moving to shorter wavelengths)
can also be noted as an indication of less chlorophyll production.
All spectra are saved as ASCII files for use with third party
software including ENVI, R2 and chemometrics software. In
addition, the DARWin SP Data Acquisition software which
controls the instrument includes pull-down menus for 19
vegetation indices including WBI (Water Band Index) and
NDWI (Normalized Difference Water Index).
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