Nominating Committee Information

Committee Composition
The Nominating Committee shall be composed of the immediate Past President and the other four most recent and available Past Presidents of the Society. In accordance with the ASPRS Bylaws the Chair of the Nominating Committee is the immediate Past President of the Society in any given year.

The Chair is responsible for organizing the requisite meetings of the committee members to arrive at a slate of two or more ASPRS members to be put forth as formal candidates for the office of Vice President of ASPRS. The procedures should be in accordance with the ASPRS Bylaws.

Committee Objectives

  • Prepare a list of candidates for the office of Vice President on or before a date that is twenty weeks prior to the date of the Annual Meeting.
  • Assure that the nominees selected follow a rotation from year-to-year that represents government industry and academia.
  • Assure that an announcement of the nominations is made in a Society publication received by the members eighteen weeks prior to the Annual Meeting.
  • Certify that all nominees are qualified and willing to serve.
  • Assure that all requirements set forth by the ASPRS Bylaws are met.

Committee Authority
The Committee cannot expend funds or make other commitments on behalf of the Society unless specifically approved by the ASPRS Executive Committee or the Board of Directors. The Committee cannot speak for the entire Society.