A professional involved in lidar systems design and/or systems application of data acquisition and computer programs that allow for the utilization of spatially referenced lidar point clouds for solving user needs and analysis requirements. They are responsible for the management and supervision leading to the integration of data needs and the development of correspondence between and the utilization of various spatial systems of often-different generic origins that are used to solve requirements.

  1. Three years experience in mapping sciences or photogrammetry in a position of responsibility demonstrating professional knowledge of and competence in mapping science and mapping procedures.
  2. Three years of professional experience in Lidar during which professional knowledge and competence in those systems were demonstrated.
  3. References from four persons who are holding or who have held responsible positions in the mapping sciences and in lidar expetrice and have first-hand knowledge of the applicant’s professional and personal qualifications.
  4. Declaration of compliance with the Code of Ethics of the ASPRS.
  5. Successful completion of a written examination.