An applicant seeking Geospatial Intern status (previously known as Provisional Certification) must be an active student preparing to graduate in a degree program with educational training in the spatial sciences from an approved institution of higher education and must follow the Basic Requirements as previously outlined for Certified Photogrammetrist Mapping Scientist or Technologist; the exception being the required on-job experience. Applicants must submit the appropriate Application and Fee with one (1) reference from their academic advisor or relevant faculty member BEFORE THEIR GRADUATION DATE. An Official Copy of the applicant’s current transcript must accompany the application; the transcript must validate that the applicant has successfully completed a minimum of two (2) courses in the spatial sciences (photogrammetry remote sensing or GIS/LIS). The application requires a declaration of compliance with the ASPRS Code of Ethics.

Applications fees and the reference will be submitted to ASPRS Headquarters for consideration by the appropriate peer review committee. Applicants will be notified following peer review and individuals passing peer review will be given the opportunity to take the appropriate examination within six (6) months following their notification date. Examinations will be administered in a proctor-controlled environment.

Upon successful examination completion the individual will receive Geospatial Intern (ASPRS) status. In the case of Certified Photogrammetrist or Certified Mapping Scientist the individual will have ten (10) years from the date of examination to complete the six (6) year experience requirement. In the case of Certified Technologist the individual will have five (5) years to complete the three (3) year experience requirement. Exceptions to the length of time for completion of the experience requirement will only be granted for active duty military service.

When the Work Experience requirement is complete the Applicant must provide written documentation and three (3) references to ASPRS Headquarters who will forward the experience summary and references to the Evaluation for Certification Committee. Applicants meeting all of these requirements will become certified for the specified time period of their certification.