Persons interested in applying for certification or recertification should follow this general procedure.


(For Intern recognition see separate instructions).

Step 1: Read carefully the section entitled “Classification Chart for Photogrammetry and Mapping Sciences."
Step 2: Determine separately the number of years of actual job experience attained in functions that are classified as being at the professional level and in functions at the technician level.
Step 3: Read the preceding sections (“Basic Requirements" and “Educational Credit"); ascertain that actual work experience with or without educational credit meets conditions listed under “Basic Requirements."
Step 4: If applying for initial certification download an application for Photogrammetrist/Mapping Scientist OR Certified Technologist and reference forms or contact ASPRS Headquarters: send an email to or call (301) 493-0290 ext 101.
Step 5: If applying for recertification read carefully the Section on “Recertification Guidelines" and be sure to complete the Application for Recertification and the reference forms (included in recertification application). NOTE: When describing experience applicants are advised to be complete. The Evaluation Committee evaluates the application data and does not assume data not presented)
Step 6: Provide names and addresses of at least four persons to whom you have sent a copy of the Confidential Reference Form. Fill out the Confidential Reference Forms with the person’s name and complete address on the top left side and forward to the respective references. Request said references to supply from their own personal knowledge facts with reference to your character and information concerning your professional qualifications and to mail the completed reference form with their name address and any accompanying letters to the Society. (Please note: Geospatial Intern applications are subject to modified requirements – see instructions above.) (NOTE: References are often the source of delays in the evaluation process. The process cannot start until the references have all been received.)
Step 7:

Return your completed application form (Intern OR Certified) to the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing together with the application fee indicated below. Make checks payable to the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing and mail to:

ASPRS Certification Program
425 Barlow Place, Suite 210,
Bethesda, Maryland 20814-2160

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ASPRS Certification Program

Fully accredited by the Council of Scientific and Engineering Specialty Boards (CESB)


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Introduction to ASPRS Certification Program

The Guidelines include detailed information on the ASPRS certification process. Specific information for those seeking recertification, including the recertification application and personal reference forms, is also available.

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ASPRS Certification Application Fees (all fees in US dollars)

Type of Application

ASPRS Members


Initial Certification



Geospatial Intern
  1. Initial Application
  2. Final Application



Recertification, Professional



Initial Certification, Technologist



Recertification, Technologist



(NOTE: The fees charged defray administrative costs of the Certification Program. Fees are not refundable in the event of non-certification.)

Step 8: Be prepared to furnish additional background information if requested by the Evaluation Committee.
Step 9: Upon notification of approval by the Evaluation Committee you must take a written examination within six months of approval.


Matrices illustrating the mix of examination questions by specialty area have been prepared for applicant review. Please note that workshops on preparation for certification are offered via webinar and during most ASPRS Conferences.

The purpose of the workshop is to prepare individuals who are planning to sit for the ASPRS Certification exams. The workshop begins by explaining the purpose and form of the exam. Key topical areas are identified which an applicant should be aware of prior to taking the exam. Basic concepts and sample questions are reviewed to show how these topics will be tested on the exam. Finally the workshop identifies resources which examinees should be aware of to utilize in their preparation for the examination.

Workshop Topics:

  • Purpose of the exam
  • Photogrammetry
  • Remote Sensing
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Lidar
  • UAS
  • Other topical areas of importance in preparation for the exam

Suggested Texts for Review:

  • The Manual of Photogrammetry 5th edition Chris McGlone editor 2005.
  • Remote Sensing and Image Interpretation 5th edition Lillesand and Kiefer 2015.
  • Elements of Photogrammetry: With Applications in GIS Wolf and Dewitt 1999.
  • The Manual of GIS Marguerite Madden editor 2009.
  • Fundamentals of Remote Sensing and Airphoto Interpretation 5th edition Avery & Berlin 1992.
  • Airborne Topographic Lidar Manual Michael S. Renslow editor 2012.
  • Introduction to the Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Barnhart, Hottman, Marshall, Shappee, editors, 2012
  • Introduction to UAV Systems (Aerospace Series) 4th edition, Fahlstrom and Gleason, 2012

Many texts on surveying can be excellent review material.


The structure for administering the ASPRS Certification Program consists of two major elements:

  1. The Evaluation for Certification Committee which reviews then approves or rejects all applications for Certification Recertification, or Geospatial Intern
  2. The Professional Conduct Committee which investigates allegations and complaints involving practicing photogrammetrists mapping scientists and technologists and recommends appropriate action to the Board of Directors.

The Society’s Professional Practice Division monitors and develops policy guidelines for the program. The Board of Directors is the final authority on matters involving certification and professional conduct.

Applications for Certification and Recertification will upon receipt at ASPRS Headquarters be reviewed for completeness. When the required references have submitted Confidential Reference Forms they are combined with the application. Applications found to be in order are sent to the Chair of the Evaluation Committee whose membership includes representation from each major functional area of photogrammetry and the mapping sciences. The Committee will meet as required to take action on all bona fide applications.

Applicants for certification recertification and geospatial intern will be notified of action by the Committee as soon as possible.


Successful applicants for certification will be awarded an engrossed certificate. Those certified by the Society may display the certificate and use one (or more as appropriate) of the following designations on business stationary and cards:

  • Certified Photogrammetrist (ASPRS)
  • Certified Mapping Scientist Remote Sensing (ASPRS)
  • Certified Mapping Scientist GIS/LIS (ASPRS)
  • Certified Mapping Scientist Lidar (ASPRS)
  • Certified Photogrammetric Technologist (ASPRS)
  • Certified Remote Sensing Technologist (ASPRS)
  • Certified GIS/LIS Technologist (ASPRS)
  • Certified Lidar Technologist (ASPRS)

Certificates for Geospatial Interns will have “Intern” added to the title:

  • Photogrammetrist Intern
  • Remote Sensing Mapping Scientist Intern
  • GIS/LIS Mapping Scientist Intern
  • Lidar Mapping Scientist Intern
  • Photogrammetric Technologist Intern
  • Remote Sensing Technologist Intern
  • GIS/LIS Technologist Intern
  • Lidar Technologist Intern
  • UAS Mappping Scientist Intern

Successful applicants for recertification will continue to be listed on the Active Certified Roll and will be awarded a certificate to show that the applicant has maintained skills in the technology.


An embossing seal and rubber stamp which contains the name and certification number may be ordered from ASPRS by mail or FAX. There is a nominal fee for each.

Certification and recertification are for individuals only. The designation of “Certified" may not be used in such a manner as to indicate that a business firm or agency is certified as an entity.

The use of a seal or stamp is not authorized for those individuals holding the status of “Intern” or by those whose status has become “Inactive” or “Retired.”

Note: ASPRS certification seals and stamps can only be authorized by ASPRS and manufactured by ASPRS-approved vendors. Unauthorized seal or stamp production is a violation of copyright law and the ASPRS Code of Ethics.


The Society reserves the right to change or amend the requirements for certification and recertification the educational credits or the administrative fee structure for review and evaluation if and when deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors.

The Society further reserves the right to revoke a certification or recertification if in the opinion of the Board of Directors the person concerned has violated or shown flagrant disregard for the Code of Ethics of the Society.

Since the program is entirely voluntary the Society assumes no responsibility for any loss or disadvantage real or imagined which may be alleged to have resulted from a disapproval of an application for certification recertification or revocation of the certificate once given.

By submitting their application the applicant acknowledges that the Society will apply the internal standards adopted by its Board of Directors in evaluating the applicant and that it may reject any applicant who does not meet its minimum standards for certification or recertification. In consideration of ASPRS acceptance and processing of an application the applicant agrees to waive any and all claims of liability or responsibility against ASPRS and to indemnify and hold harmless ASPRS its directors officers committee members employees agents and representatives against any and all such injury damages or claims made by or on behalf of any person partnership association or corporation. Applicant further acknowledges that ASPRS its directors officers committee members employees agents or representatives are not liable to the applicant or to any other person partnership association or corporation in any way for any injury damages or claims alleged to be based upon or arising out of the approval or disapproval or the issuance withdrawal or termination of any certification or recertification issued by ASPRS.

Revision Date: June 12 2015