John I. Davidson President’s Award for Practical Papers

This Award is presented by ASPRS with funding provided by the ASPRS Foundation through unrestricted donations.

The purpose of the Award is to encourage and commend those who publish papers of practical or applied value in PE&RS the official journal of ASPRS. The Award consists of:

  1. First prize: An engraved pewter tankard a certificate and $500.
  2. Second prize: A certificate and $300.
  3. Third prize: A certificate and $200.

Eligibility to receive the Award shall not be restricted to members of ASPRS and is intended for those who qualify under the selection criteria.

The Award is made to the author or collaborating authors (provided each played a major role in the publication) who in the opinion of the majority of the award selection committee best meets the criteria established. The Award is not made to companies agencies bureaus schools or associations. However their personnel are eligible to receive the Award.

The key factor to be considered by the committee in making its selection is the practical or applied value of the paper in advancing the state of the art in our profession. The Award may be given for but not limited to any of the following types of achievement in the fields of photogrammetry remote sensing and geographic information systems:

1.         A case of practical application or adaptation where an exceptional degree of technical skill judgment or initiative is demonstrated or where a significant increase in operating efficiency or productivity is achieved.

2.         The development of a new and valuable technique or method.

3.         An outstanding design or invention of equipment or material or a new or unusual application of existing equipment or material.

The Award is normally made to individuals whose article was published in ASPRS journal during the calendar year preceding the year of the Award presentation.