Certification Forms

Please note, all PDF applications and forms are fillable PDFs (requires Adobe Acrobat). Please right-click and download to your device. PDFs may not appear correctly when viewed in a web browser.


ASPRS Certification is available in the following fields (click each for more details):

If this is your first time being certified in any of these areas, use the application and separate reference form below.


ASPRS offers Technologist Certification in the following areas (click each for more details):

Use the following application and reference form to apply for Technologist Certification:


If you are currently certified by ASPRS and it’s time to renew, use the form below. This recertification form covers the following areas:

Use the following form to apply for ASPRS recertification. The Recertification form includes the reference form within it:

ASPRS Geospatial Intern

We offer the opportunity to be certified as a Geospatial Intern in the following fields:

Please download the following application form and reference form to apply for recognition as an ASPRS Geospatial Intern:

Coordinate Metrology Society (CMS) Portable 3D Metrologist Certification

The Coordinate Metrology Society has partnered with ASPRS to support their Certification Program. For more information on the different levels of certification that CMS offers, click here. Currently, Level 2 certification is only available for Portable Coordinate Measuring Machines (PCMMs).