For Sale: Z/I Imaging’s Digital Mapping Camera (DMC)

Z/I Imaging’s Digital Mapping Camera (DMC), the industry’s most innovative and precise turnkey digital camera system, supports aerial photogrammetric missions for the broadest range of GIS and remote sensing applications.

The DMC system includes the following components:

  • DMC main camera assembly
    • 4 high-resolution 7k x 4k PAN camera heads
    • 4 multispectral 3k x 2k camera heads
    • Camera electronic unit and Gyro Mount and lift ring
    • 3 Flight Data Storage (FDS) units, each with 288 GB disk space for the storage of 2,200 images total
    • Pilot display
    • IMU with License

For more information call Mike Maluda: 850-414-4457

State of Florida Bid Form

Calibration Certificate_DMC01-CBU#0158