The Professional Conduct Committee (PCC) when convened consists of at least three Past Presidents of the Society and two additional members who have served as Officers or Directors of the Society. The members of the Committee are appointed by the President with the approval of the Board of Directors for a term of five years staggered so that a new member is appointed each year.

The PCC is the custodian of the Society Code of Professional Ethics and is responsible for preparing and recommending standards of professional conduct and the procedures to be followed in professional conduct investigations.

The PCC has responsibility for review and investigation of all questions of professional ethics to include charges against a member of the Society. The Committee shall inform the Board of Directors of its disposition of all cases considered including its recommendations for Society action when necessary.

The Board of Directors after review of the report of the PCC concerning a case of Code of Professional Ethics violation and after review by legal counsel shall vote to decide if formal hearings should be held by the Board of Directors. If the vote is negative the case is closed. If affirmative the Board of Directors in formal session shall hear all evidence and decide by secret ballot on appropriate action.