You must be as ASPRS Student Member to apply.

All specified term lengths are the minimums required for that specific position. Unless otherwise noted each term begins on July 1 and ends on June 30th of the following year.


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Chair (1-year Term)

The chair shall be responsible to organize the group in order to set the course for the year and the management of the student body subject to policy guidance of the Board of Directors through the President. The facilitates the running of the monthly meetings including setting a time and meeting plan. The Chair works closely with the Deputy Chair to pass on the knowledge of the role and ensure a smooth transition. The Chair is required to be in a graduate or doctoral program at an accredited institution.

  • Plans teleconferences and facilitates communication between the Council members (1-2x per month – contingent on group availability)
  • Leads a SAC meeting at both annual and fall conferences (2x per year)
  • Holds 2 open SAC general interest webinars (1 in January & 1 in June)
  • Communicates with the SAC Alumni Group (at least 2x per year – post conference)
  • Coordinates the Student Chapter of the Year Award submissions & judging (year round given at annual conference)
  • Chairs the SAC Student Summer Education Assembly ad-hoc committee (6 bi-monthly meetings)
  • SAC representative at the ASPRS Board Meetings (2x per year – Fall & Annual conferences)
  • SAC representative on national ASPRS committees/task forces (as needed) Attends the GeoLeague Challenge ad- hoc committee (6 bimonthly meetings per year)

Deputy Chair (1-year term then moves to Chair Position)

The Deputy Chair works closely with the Chair to acquire the knowledge and understanding of the SAC to ensure a smooth transition to their leadership the following year. This includes working with the Chair on the Geoleague ad-hoc committee. The Deputy Chair has near complete responsibility for the Geoleague but should reach out to the Chair and other SAC members to ensure success. Shall assist the Chair in preparation for becoming Chair the following year. The Deputy Chair is required to be in a graduate or doctoral program at an accredited institution.

  • Takes minutes of all online SAC meetings (1x per month or as agreed upon)
  • Organizes the annual GeoLeague Challenge including coordination of topics prizes and judges
  • Aids participating teams during the contest. (1 event but year-round planning)
  • Chairs the GeoLeague Challenge ad- hoc committee.

Educational & Professional Development Councilor (1-year term)

The EPD councilor’s responsibilities include:

  • Organizes and develops SAC educational track sessions for both the annual and fall conferences (minimum one session for Fall & two sessions for Annual)
  • Works with the National Workshop Coordinator and ASPRS Staff Liaison to determine webinars of interest to students (year-round – bimonthly status updates to SAC)
  • Coordinates video recording of GeoLeague presentations for publication to YouTube (1x per year)
  • Utilizes student representatives on the various Divisions for assistance in promoting/co-sponsoring SAC webinars (year-round)

Deputy Educational & Professional Development Councilor (1-year term then moves to Educational & Professional Development Councilor Position)

The Deputy EPD councilor’s responsibilities include:

  • Assists the EPD Councilor in preparation for becoming EPD Councilor the following year (year-round)
  • Helps organize the SAC educational track sessions at each of the conferences
  • Works with the Associate Member Liaison and the Sustaining Members Council to create opportunities for students to interact with professionals including the Student and Employer Meet and Greet
  • Promotes certification programs and webinars especially on Social Media

Communications Councilor (1-year term)

The Communications councilor’s responsibilities include:

  • Updates the Signatures blog Facebook LinkedIn & Twitter with geospatial student content (~8-12 postings per month up to as many as needed)
  • Provides updates to the SAC on social media postings and traffic (quarterly)
  • Puts together the student page in PE&RS (one issue per month)
  • Works with student chapters to create their own webpages

Deputy Communications Councilor (1-year term then moves to Communications Councilor)

The Deputy Communications councilor’s responsibilities include:

  • Works closely with the Communications Councilor on handling the SAC social media channels for a smooth transition in leadership.
  • Develops and maintains the ASPRS SAC website hosted by ASPRS
  • Assists with the drafting of the PE&RS student page
  • Assists with updating social media accounts as necessary

Networking Councilor (1-year term)

The Networking Councilor maintains communication with the student leadership at the regional levels and send outreach e-mails to all student chapters at the beginning of each semester.

The Networking Councilor’s responsivities include:

  • Maintains communication with the student leadership at regional levels and coordinates student outreach e-mails to all student chapters (at least once per semester)
  • Sends outreach e-mails once per semester to all student chapters
    Maintains the Student Chaapter leadership database

Deputy Networking Councilor (1-year term then moves to Networking Councilor)

The Deputy Networking councilor’s responsibilities include:

  • Organizes networking events for each conference including the Exhibit Hall Tour Speed Networking and fun evening social events during the conference (2x per year)
  • Liaison between SAC and the regional leadership of ASPRS (outreach emails at beginning of each semester)
  • Coordinates the ASPRS SAC Student Service project at the annual conference (i.e. Operation Sock Drop) (Annual conference)
  • Maintains the Student Chapter Handbook (year-round)
  • Attends the SAC Networking ad-hoc committee (6 bimonthly meetings per year)
  • SAC representative at the ASPRS Photogrammetric Applications Division meetings (teleconferences & both conferences)

SAC & ECPC Liaison (1-year term)

The SAC & ECPC Liaison’s responsibilities include:

  • Coordinates events with ASPRS regional headquarters student chapters and members of the Early-Career Professionals Council
  • SAC representative at ASPRS Early-Career Professionals Council meetings


All SAC members will attend the ASPRS Annual Meeting and hoped that they will attend the ASPRS Fall Conference.  Note that SAC members are always chosen as Student Assistants to help defray their conference costs but that ASPRS is unable to pay for travel to conferences.  Travel costs are the sole responsibility of the SAC member.

All SAC members will attend scheduled online meetings (solid internet connectivity) to discuss SAC business monthly.

It is expected that each SAC member will find a replacement if they are unable to attend a Division/Committee meeting that is under his/her responsibility

Each person in a SAC position will carry out their responsibilities to the fullest during their term on the Council.

If a member of the SAC is unable to fulfill their responsibilities during their tenure on the Council that they will notify both the SAC Chair and the ASPRS Staff Liaison as soon as possible so a new appointment may be made.