Committee Goal

To improve communication between digital imagery users and suppliers promote standards and guidelines to improve market education level facilitate user specifications and purchasing and facilitate quality assurance and quality control processes.


  1. Support the development of digital imagery quality assurance guidelines including support for  the development of an associated digital imagery web guideline or tool
  2. Support the revision of the National Mapping Accuracy Standards
  3. Work with an Ad hoc committee developing in situ calibration processes and guidelines
  4. Maintain understand and report as well as hold special sessions on airborne data acquisition technologies and applications


Digital Imagery QA  guidelines

Sub-committee Co-Chairs: Gregory Stensaas and Bob Ryan

A guideline is being developed in order to support key imagery aspects and how they should be specified in the acquisition or purchase of imagery.  This is being developed as a web tool with attachments via ASPRS sponsors and members within PDAD.

Digital Imagery Guideline Link – Under construction

Camera Calibration Committee

Sub-committee Chair: Dean Merchant 

Sub-committee Vice Chair: TBD 

Goal: in situ calibration processes and guidelines sub-committee

Organization:  An ad hoc committee established via the PDAD Division.

Purpose:  To review current approaches to calibration of airborne metric cameras with the purpose of recommending appropriate improvements.  When consensus is achieved an approach to airborne (in situ) calibration for the film-based (analog) and digital cameras will be recommended to the USGS as suitable guidelines for achieving “Data Provider Certification”.


  1.      Establish committee
  2.      Solicit a broadly based membership
  3.      Provide a draft of selected calibration procedures
  4.      Committee to review and comment [two week intervals between reviews]
  5.      When consensuses is achieved advise the appropriate entities accordingly
  6.      Provide document to PDAD for review and complete updates and address comments
  7.      PDAD approve establishing guideline and provide to Standards Committee for approval and acceptance to move to ASPRS Board for approval
  8.      Upon advice from the committee chairman a recommendation will be made to dissolve the committee

Draft “Aerial Camera In Situ Metric Calibration Guidelines

Revised National Mapping Accuracy Standard

The objective of this task is to provide a revision of the ASPRS Accuracy Standards for Large Scale Maps.  This effort is being done as a joint effort via a PDAD and PAD task force.

Meeting Minutes link.
Related Documents link.

LIDAR Cal/Val/QA Guideline

The goal of this effort is to establish a calibration/validation/quality Assurance Guideline.  The effort is being worked via a team made up of experts across the ASPRS LiDAR Division and the PDAD. PDAD has established telecons to develop initial documents and after a peer review of the draft documents will turn the documents over to the LiDAR division for final approval via ASPRS Standards Committee and the APSRS board. After this process all documentation will be managed by the LiDAR Division.

All meeting minutes and documentation can be viewed at:

If you are not able to view documentation please contact the committee chair or the PDAD director.

PDAD Oblique Aerial Imagery Committee