Mission Statement
The Defense and Intelligence Committee (D&I) is a committee of the Photogrammetric Applications Division (PAD). Its purpose is to enable ASPRS to be a relevant professional focus for members of ASPRS who practice or have an interest in photogrammetry and remote sensing in the defense, intelligence or security communities. Our goal is to make ASPRS more attractive to these members and entice more such members into the Society.

The committee is co-chaired by two representatives of the community. The chairs should adequately represent the government and private industry, to include academia. Membership representatives also consist of personnel from the communities listed below.

  • Department of Defense organizations
  • Director of National Intelligence organizations
  • Intelligence community organizations
  • Other federal government agencies involved in defense, intelligence or security
  • Defense, intelligence and security contractors
  • Private companies providing photogrammetric and remote sensing services to the application areas of defense, intelligence and security
  • Specialized academic programs focused on imagery and geospatial sciences resulting in geospatial intelligence.

Committee Goals

  • Conduct committee specific meetings at ASPRS organized events.
  • Support regional meetings and representing the committee to members respective regional areas.
  • Run unclassified sessions at ASPRS Conferences and including the results in the Conference proceedings in the usual way.
  • Run joint meetings with other organizations interested in specific aspects of defense, intelligence and security applications of photogrammetry and remote sensing.
  • Manage occasional special issues of PE&RS on defense, intelligence or security applications.
  • Encourage membership publication in classified, peer-reviewed journals.
  • Ensure careers in defense, intelligence and security are suitably featured in ASPRS activities to attract graduates to the profession or to facilitate their recruitment by employer organizations.
  • Facilitate the recruitment of faculty and graduate students by defense, intelligence and security organizations for special projects.
  • Encourage the attraction of new members of ASPRS from organizations working in defense, intelligence and security, by advertising and communications within these organizations.

Officers & Members

Meetings & Minutes